Monday, November 28, 2011

Catching up

Well my husband and I finally got ourselves moved into an apartment in a new state.  After 27 years in the same house this was a huge job!  I am ashamed of how much junk I had packed into nooks and crannies in the house that I had forgotten were there.  We are now downsized to what we felt was good enough or important (sentimental) enough to save or the flat out antiques (the furniture - not us!).  We will think about buying a house next spring after we do our research on water, weather, crime and services (need our internet!).  We have learned our way around a new town, found new doctors, pharmacy, grocery stores and of course found the Wal - Mart, Jo-Ann's and Micheal's!  Best of all we have found a new church, what a blessing, finding an old fashioned traditional "old rugged cross singing" church is not an easy task any more!
I have got my craft room set up and have even added a few crafts to the list of current projects.  We are doing the handmade/hand-me-down Christmas this year, we will see how everyone likes it. 
The apartment has a huge pantry so food storage continues apace.  Our attitude towards preparedness was solidified by the natural disasters recently.  Hurricanes, floods and tornadoes - are we prepared to take care of ourselves for a few days or weeks?  The next question becomes and can we help others?   We are trying to make sure that the answer to both questions is a resounding yes! 
Jobs as we all know are few and far between so hubby and I took our classes and have become certified NRA Pistol Instructors, and we will soon have the certs to be able to teach classes to allow folks to carry concealed in 34 states!  Seemed like a good idea, makes use of our skills and combines some of the things we believe in and enjoy! 
I have added another pickle recipe, this one from my other grandmother.  I put up 20 pints of sweet pickles and 12 quarts of dills this fall.  The sweet pickles take so much time my Mom doesn't like to do them anymore and it gives me a great gift to give her for Christmas every other year or so!
Hopefully as we get more organized this blog will have more patterns and instructions on it.  I am working on a cookbook with all the favorite recipes of the 4 grandmas from all the cousins and aunts and uncles.  As they come in they will be posted.  This is going to be a fun project.  Already recipes are coming in that make me smile, some I haven't thought of in years!
Back soon!