Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A blustery spring...

When I was little we had an album 'vinyl' of Winnie the Pooh, being read by a man with a wonderful voice.  We would sit and listen to the record over and over.  One of the stories was Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day.  For some reason that word 'Blustery' is one of those I just love!  It is a very descriptive word and I try to use it occasionally as there are words that should not be allowed to fade away!  Our spring so far has been a little blustery, winds and mild rains, cool weather and warm in the same day and fluffy clouds scudding across the impossible blue skies we get this time of year.  It is then, a spring from my memories of springs!  The springs of my childhood, I am thoroughly enjoying it!

 Our trip to California was fun and the weather was lovely, not too hot, not too cool.  We were there for Miss Lily's 2nd birthday isn't that a cute birthday dress!?  We were trying for a family photo with all of them looking the same way, this is as close as we got!

Son #3 here is a week and a half after back surgery in this photo, he was moving pretty gingerly!

We got lots of Lily time, this is one of my favorite photos - Miss Lily and Grandad watching funny cat videos!

 We came home to quite a few flowers blooming.  The honeysuckle survived another brutal trimming this year, so I don't feel so bad doing it

The Columbines would have been even lovelier without the weeds...oh well!

The pink honeysuckle in the back yard....

chives and sage both blooming....

Hubby's tomato planter, look at all the little tomatoes that came up on their own.  Not sure he will have the heart to thin them!  It will be a tomato rain-forest in this planter again this year!

Weigelia in bloom, they just don't last long enough!

Peas and lettuce are doing well in the cool-ish weather....

The latest flowers we added, Delphiniums. 

So we had a wonderful trip, visited with the kids, spent mothers day with my mommy. (I know how lucky I am to be able to do that.)  We came home to flowers and pretties all over the yard, and the car gas mileage, when I figured it up averaged 44mpg!  We are feeling very fortunate and blessed!