Tuesday, June 19, 2018


It has been quite awhile since I posted here. I confess I was becoming bored with it and figured if I was getting bored, I might be boring as well! (except to my mom who always says it's interesting, but – she's my mom!) So I've been thinking....

Hubby has loads of Wildflowers in this planter...
When I began this blog we were moving, retiring and getting all of that going. We were going to have chickens, and a huge garden, live simply, make do, de-clutter, be prepared for emergencies do a lot of crafting and hand-making of things. We had visions of travel, and spending time together and with family.

The honeysuckle recovered from pruning

That was 2011 - seven years later, I am working full time, hubby is working hard on the home front, none of the kids moved with us, we have no chickens, the garden is huge but I don't care this summer, work is sapping my energy and we're eating too much processed food because it's “quick and easy”. I spent a good part of spring rethinking not only this blog but where we had gotten to – and where we were going. Hubby and I were both ready for some 'sit down and think about what we are doing' time.

Great grandma and Miss Lily at a tea party!
I realize this is a silly thing to say but we are older. You laugh and say “of course you are”! The truth is; every now and then we have to sit down and think about it – because it creeps up on you, and time goes too quickly, and pretty soon they ask for your age at the Doctors office and you have to stop and think! (and you try not to act too surprised in front of people!) We have had some health issues, Hubby has had cracked ribs and torn ligaments and he would like to slow down a little. I started a 3 day a week, 5 hour a day job for pin money and it is now 40 hours a week and I am running an office again which was never my goal! I am tired, we are tired and we have made a few decisions.

-I am going to apply for my Social Security benefits this fall and really retire within a few months of that time, I will train someone if they get someone, but I will not let them dictate my leaving date.

-We are going to be open to the idea of moving a little farther out of the 'population' areas here. We live in the fastest growing area in the country right now and this was not our goal either. We won't put our house on the market or anything but we are going to research and try to find an area that will suit our new needs and wants.  We will pray and see if doors open or close!

We neither one ate any cake!!
-We are making a real effort to get our eating habits under control. I have researched and we have decided on a 'lifestyle' rather than a diet. We may not lose weight but the goal is healthier, not skinny!

-I am hoping that I can add a few things to this blog as well, perhaps the occasional book review, more recipes, travel photos, even some connections to my genealogy blog now and then. We shall see.

Mom got to have kids, grands and the great grand for Mothers Day!
Of course there will have to be pictures of Miss Lily on occasion, and the projects around the house still! We are currently planning a trip to Alaska with my Mom and her sister, my brother and sister in law and Hubby and me. We are doing some sightseeing but a full half of the trip will be tracing the path my gggreatgrandfather took when he went to the Alaska gold rush, and tracking down the gggreatuncle who stayed there and became rather famous locally!  Should be fun!!  I am very excited about it!

All 3 of our boys at one time...and Lily

Thank you to each of you who reads and kind of hangs with me, it really does feel like we are friends and I appreciate you!!  Onward and (hopefully) Upwards...

Monday, February 26, 2018

We Survived the Flu!

It has been awhile...I started the year with cellulitis in my jaw from an infected tooth, had to wait for 5 days of antibiotics before they could pull it.  I looked like I was hiding a Cadbury Egg in my cheek!

After the tooth fiasco I thought things would get back to normal so I started to play with my Christmas gift from hubby....a rock tumbler.  Strange as it my sound it is something I have wanted since I was a kid and just never did it! I am so excited about this and am currently in the middle of processing my first load of rocks.This takes several weeks.

  I also started in on my denim quilt.  180 circles divided into piles of 9 with squares drawn inside the circle.

The denim is my old jeans some as old as 20 years...it's not hoarding if it's fabric.  (I may have said that about books as well)  The fabrics are from Grandmas stash.  I love thinking of her while I sew it.

The circles are sewn together and then the fabric squares put in the center.  The tutorial is here and has a picture of it finished.

Things seemed to be going well now....

Middle of January Hubby has fever and chills and the flu.  4 days later I had the flu - hey sharing is caring right?!  We had the flu together for 2 weeks and he got better first.  We had separate bottles of 7-up and NyQuil and we did chicken soup and toast.  He lost weight, I did not...sigh.

Arepa con Camerones

We are recovered and have been able to do a few things in the last week or so.  (the residual fatigue is just awful - several of our friends have said the same)  We tried out the new Colombian restaurant near our house.  We were very impressed.


My sister in law is from Colombia so I was barely familiar with some of the items.  Fun to
try a new place near us.

Yesterday we went to the Pinewood Derby at church where the kids (and dads) build these 5 ounce race cars and race them on an aluminum track.  They spend a lot of time on the design and they have a lot of fun!

My favorite design was the chocolate doughnut above!

The track...

The finish line...

They go pretty fast!

And of course I have been watching the winter Olympics, but since I have to have something to do while I watch TV I have been working on a Puzzle, part of my Christmas gift from Mom that included a new card table that stands up without putting boxes of books against the legs.  (it is ok to laugh)

So we have survived the flu, are waiting for the snow to go away, and are now caught up.  I will have to find something else to watch til I finish my puzzle.

Hope your 2018 has started better!!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

We are, I believe, ready for Christmas.

Son number 2 and his wife were here the first week of December and we had a lot of fun with them.

The food is all bought and as ready as it can be ahead of time for our annual Christmas dinner with others who live far from families or who aren't celebrating on Christmas day and would otherwise be alone. There will be 5 of us this year unless some others are trapped by snow and show up.

Hubby sent out our Christmas cards – what few we send these days.

The gifts were mailed and received by family in California with days to spare.

We have been to the Boise Botanical Garden Christmas light show, had fun with friends and done 'Christmasy' things.

There is snow on the ground but not on the roads and that is perfect for our 'White Christmas', and yes we do play the Bing Crosby CD a lot!

The cookie dough is in the fridge to bake fresh to take to church for the Christmas Eve Services.

The house is reasonably clean.

And so...

It is time to take a breather, and really think about what we do and why. It does not matter that we
don't really know when the birth of Jesus took place, we celebrate because he was born. We celebrate that he was born because it is the first step in the amazing life that was promised for 2000 years, the life that would result in a victory over death, the life that would be given for us. Easter, or Resurrection Sunday, has its beginning on Christmas eve. My prayer for all of you who read this blog is that you would receive that great gift from Him and truly understand the reason for the season!!
                     God Bless us Every One!!

I wish you all the merriest of Christmases and the Happiest of New Years!!