Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

We are, I believe, ready for Christmas.

Son number 2 and his wife were here the first week of December and we had a lot of fun with them.

The food is all bought and as ready as it can be ahead of time for our annual Christmas dinner with others who live far from families or who aren't celebrating on Christmas day and would otherwise be alone. There will be 5 of us this year unless some others are trapped by snow and show up.

Hubby sent out our Christmas cards – what few we send these days.

The gifts were mailed and received by family in California with days to spare.

We have been to the Boise Botanical Garden Christmas light show, had fun with friends and done 'Christmasy' things.

There is snow on the ground but not on the roads and that is perfect for our 'White Christmas', and yes we do play the Bing Crosby CD a lot!

The cookie dough is in the fridge to bake fresh to take to church for the Christmas Eve Services.

The house is reasonably clean.

And so...

It is time to take a breather, and really think about what we do and why. It does not matter that we
don't really know when the birth of Jesus took place, we celebrate because he was born. We celebrate that he was born because it is the first step in the amazing life that was promised for 2000 years, the life that would result in a victory over death, the life that would be given for us. Easter, or Resurrection Sunday, has its beginning on Christmas eve. My prayer for all of you who read this blog is that you would receive that great gift from Him and truly understand the reason for the season!!
                     God Bless us Every One!!

I wish you all the merriest of Christmases and the Happiest of New Years!!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Winter is Coming!

Yes I am a game of thrones fan!  Although I started on the books, I have become hooked on the series.  Winter is on the way though in real life and we are getting ready.  While youngest son was here he pulled all the weeds and plants out of the garden so it is winterized.  (he did a better job than I was going to!) 

 The Garlic is planted and covered for the cold weather.
 The leaves have been beautiful, however this week they all just fell off in unison!  Hubby and I have raked 18 bags (39 gal lawn and leaf bags!) of leaves for the compost and mulch and some for the trash company who make compost and sell it. 

  We had our first fire today as it was just a hair above freezing when we got up and didn't get a lot warmer during the day. We bought a new wood 'holder', and will have more wood on the porch so when it snows we don't have to trudge to the barn.

 I love this time of year!

We took son # 3 home to California so we could see the rest of the family too.  Got to see son number 2 and their new digs, they are living in the mountains and working at a year round camp.  Hiking, horseback riding, skiing, boating and all that!

Mom went with us to see where they were.  This is the lake they see from their cabin.

 This is where they do s'mores each night with guests in the summer....

Here is son, wife and Grandma.  They seem to be very happy in the mountains.  (son and wife that is, grandma is perfectly happy in the valley! No snow!)

Of course we had to see Miss Lily!

Barefoot in her pretty dress...she is such a character!

And of course we got to see oldest son and his wife as well.  Daughter in law number one loves to play board games so we had several 'game nights'!

October went by very fast it seemed and I have no reason to believe that time is going to slow down for me at this point!  I am working on Christmas gifts and looking forward to son #2 and wife coming to visit in December as the camp is closed for 3 weeks getting ready for Christmas guests.  The mountains got about 2 feet of snow today just 30 miles from us...yup winter is!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Time Flies....

Can't seem to catch up these days!  The end of summer is always busy but this year, summers end was rather abrupt!  It went from warm and sunny to cold and cloudy with a whole week of rain!  Very unusual for us.

We did get a major project done that we have been working toward and saving money for for at least 4 years and that is the house painting!!  After many ideas I finally settled on simple and we painted it white with black trim.  Here are the before and afters:

Before - peeling and flaking a pale yellow and light blue....

After - I think it looks cleaner as well.

and my purple door!!

The before on the back porch...

and after.

White vinyl lattice work to replace the broken wood ones.  Had to have a cat door, it is their 'safe space'!

We are very pleased with the look and the fact that the house is sealed now as they caulked and repaired the spots that needed it.  Should help with the winter weather to keep it warmer.

We took a trip to Hell's Canyon for our Anniversary (37 years).  It is the deepest gorge in North America, the Snake river runs through it, and it is part of the border between Oregon and Idaho in the south and Washington and Idaho in the north.  It was a beautiful day and a fun trip, we rode on a bus with the Parks and Rec group and then took a Jet boat ride up the canyon.

We pulled into a cove on the Idaho side and they turned the big diesel engines off so we could hear the river ...

 The view on the Oregon side!

Class 4 rapids with a 14 foot overall drop!  We've had so much water this year that it is like spring runoff season in the fall - very unusual.

Youngest son came up to visit and for my birthday, he took the bus to Winnemucca Nevada and my friend Anita and I drove the 4 hours to pick him up, stay overnight and bring him home the next day.  We wanted to see new stuff as we have driven this road every time we go to California.  So we stopped at the Charbonneau grave site....
 Son of Sacajawea from the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Beautiful sky, and lovely but lonely scenery.  This is along the southern route for the Oregon Trail and it is interesting I think, to look and see what the pioneers must have seen and wonder what they thought.

This is cattle ranching country, wide open spaces.

The old Stage station was here which we did not expect - kind of a bonus!

Then we drove a little further to a little town called Rome, Oregon.  (town is really stretching it, I think there are 5 buildings)

The pioneers thought these rock formations looked like old Roman walled fortresses from a distance, so they called them the  "Pillars of Rome", which is how the little town got it's name.

Kind of amazing, I think.  But perhaps the most amazing thing was that we kept seeing these green boxes that looked like cable TV boxes.  We stopped to look and they said "fiber optic cable" buried here!  Seriously the true middle of nowhere has better internet service than we do!!

So we have been rather busy - and a fun time was had by all!!