Saturday, January 9, 2016

Home Sick....not homesick!!

So New Years Day I knew I was sick just didn't know what it was yet, went to the Dr and as suspected it is/was a sinus infection, an 'acute' sinus infection (there is no 'cute' sinus infection trust me).  The nurse practitioner was great and said she would give me an antibiotic to kick the infection I'm reading the insert that come with all the drugs these days and under 'uses of' it has listed several things including sinus infections, and to my surprise - airborne anthrax and bubonic plague!  I am feeling particularly safe this week!!

In case you have never had a sinus infection let me clue you in, these are boring, because you feel fine except for the head full of gunk, no body aches, no flu like symptoms.  What you are is kind of slow witted and tired but able to do things as long as you don't bend over and fill up your head again!!  As you get better you feel even better but you can't go anywhere or do anything as you've been told to rest. (And hubby acted like he had a badge from the health department!!)

Simple tasks were on the menu and here is how I have spent my week -

Since one of my goals this year is to step up my game in the crochet arena, I started a new project using by far the most complicated pattern yet and what do I find?  Once you break it all down into rows it is just not that long as you don't lose count!

 These two fabrics were in the half price bin at Joann's and I had a coupon for an additional 20% off so a vest of the purple velour and a pullover shirt of the jersey-like print.  I even remembered to watch the nap and it came out correct!  Love the color!

Got these silly things off my to do list finally!  I had seen a DIY thing somewhere on the net  (apologies to the clever person who came up with it) I took the old unlined curtains from the back doors and rolled them around old blankets and towels mostly old baby blankets, (yes my 'baby' is 27, why do you ask?) then tacked the edges together with regular needle and thread.  It was very simple and doesn't contain anything that will attract mice or cats!  (like beans or rice or kitty litter or sand!) 

Now that the holidays are over I can share the  "waterfall" vests that I made for 2 of the daughters-in-law.  These things are all over in the stores, just a big rectangle with holes for your arms.  I figured I could do it but was a little nervous!  Amber makes it look good! (this is Miss Lily's mom)

Daughter-in-law number one, Laura, was not good at requests last year at Christmas and she did not ask for much so I felt guilty and she got a crocheted hooded robe/blanket/poncho, how did that happen?  Well I tried my own pattern and it grew! (it's huge and really soft!)

There - that is all caught up I think, this week I will go back to my little part time job for the first time in two weeks (holidays and sick days) and I'm thinking I can do a few things that require a little more thought this week!!!  (Crossword puzzles are so hard when you can't hold a thought!)

Hope your week is lovely!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy 2016...and a little gift!

So today finished;  putting away of Christmas 2015, cleaning of the office/studio, and filling in all the birthdays and anniversaries I need to remember on my new wall calendar - Mom bought me a beautiful one from the Canadian Rockies when she was on her trip to Glacier National Park this fall!  It is breathtaking and I am going to enjoy looking at it all year!!  Watched the Rose Parade on TV this morning as I worked and marveled at the temperatures!  It was 60 (15C) in Los Angeles and we were at 6 (-14C) degrees this morning! 

Happy New Year to all, may your year be blessed.

Here is a gift for all of you who (like me) struggle to explain how someone is related to you!  I love genealogy and this has been a great tool for me!!  Enjoy...