Saturday, September 5, 2015

Company Comes and the Seasons Change!

I know fall is officially a couple of weeks away but we are getting a preview this weekend!  A cold front complete with branch breaking wind has moved through and reminded us winter is not far away! 

She just made herself useful!
We had almost two weeks with Mom, and her sister Evelyn flew out for the last 4 days.  We had a wonderful time!  Mom helped with the garden - she is comfortable pitching in around and doing whatever needs doing!  We picked beans and corn, went on a couple of sightseeing tours around the area, and visited a lot.  She has not been to our home since we moved as she was taking care of grandma so this was fun to show her around!

One meatball nearly fills the ladle!
We used Aunt Ramah's spaghetti recipe (she had an Italian mother in law!) and substituted fresh tomatoes, simmered it for hours and put in the marvelous meatballs!  Yum!!

It was warm but overcast - dining al fresco!
We drove around Boise and looked at the wonderful huge old homes, a couple of antique stores, the fair trade market and then we had fish and chips at the 13th St Pub in Hyde Park!  (Hyde Park Village in Boise!)  But it was good food and good fun!

Standing on the Banks of the Snake River,

When the 3 girls were little they came west on a trip and thought they remembered the Snake river, so we went to see it and do a little family history sleuthing as well.  They had to see all the places that our family settled or lived in many years ago that I had found in the area! (In this post)

Standing in the actual ruts made by wagons on the trail!

And since we have found relatives all over the family tree that came west on the Oregon trail it seemed only right that we would visit the Oregon Trail Interpretive site in Baker City OR.  If you are ever in the area this is definitely worth the trip!

All good things must come to an end and eventually they left to continue their adventure.  The two of them will drive up to Glacier National Park (it has snowed while they are there) and then over to the Pacific Coast and down to California to visit with sister number 3 for a few days and then to Mom's house for awhile!  I think they are kind of amazing - Mom will be 81 this month and Aunt Evelyn turned 78 last spring!  They take after their mother!

The house is back to normal and I have been busy freezing the corn and beans, but it is a little quiet with them gone!