Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Thanks Mom!

So... when I was 4-H age I think my mom was worried that I wouldn't grow up to be a real girl! To be honest there was some cause for concern, this was not long after the summer I learned to aim my spit and did not learn how to pee standing up, but not for lack of trying! (what a mess!) So for the next two summers I was forced to take cooking and knitting in addition to 'Beef Breeding' (which I loved) in 4-H. I learned a very good taco recipe, developed a mental block against knitting needles and a lifelong conviction that Angus cattle were simply the best (I am still listed as a breeder in the American Angus Assn. breeding records!) I had made my career choice – professional football player (love football), and had decided that I would never get married or have children! Sigh...the funny thing was I don't remember either of my parents ever telling me my goals were unrealistic because I was a girl. (My dad the football coach did explain to me that I might never get big enough for the NFL). Mom always just said things “built character”. (I'm sure now and then she ruminates on how much of a character I actually became!)

Why am I thinking about this? Just thinking about how glad I am that I grew up with my conservative backward horrible parents and not some of those nitwits who think their grade school child is transgender and should be able to go in the other genders bathroom!

I really need to choke back my internet news feeds. Not sure I really need to be this well informed. The ignorant people seem to be fairly happy.....!

That was insensitive of me wasn't it?

Well as long as I got to this point.....Today's news is full of the SCOTUS cases. I am a Christian. Marriage is not a civil right, it was laid out by God. In making their argument many people use the slavery issue as an example of the courts having to do the right thing because it was the right thing. I agree with them, race, color, creed don't matter. I will share my personal view of when something rises to the exalted heights of a 'human or civil right'When you can say ALL, as in all men are created equal and endowed ...etc. Let's see now – “all men have the right to marry whomever they love” (note I did not say whatever we will not go there at this time), is this a true statement? – NO, even the most liberal of the libs is not saying we should allow pedophiles to marry 4 year olds, should we allow plural marriages again (ok some are pushing for this – sister wives anyone?). So by my definition marriage is not a civil right - as it has limitations that are yet to be determined and can apparently change. Now why do I think this is important? Because of the 1st amendment and my right to practice my religion, see - if something is a civil right then you have no right to refuse to serve, marry, bake a wedding cake with two grooms, take wedding photos of, have the ceremony in your church, or teach against it from the pulpit.

So now the truth is out there, I am intolerant as well as insensitive...Sigh!

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