Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Quick Note

Well the kids have been here for a week and it seems like they haven't had nearly enough time.  They are headed to their homes tomorrow by way of Portland Oregon.  I will ride along with them so as to see my Mom in California.  Handy Hubby will stay home and hold down the fort!  (He really just can't conceive of a trip where the goal is to just visit!)  I will ride the bus home and see how that is.  I will be home in two weeks and may or may not be able to post anything from mom's computer. 

On Friday the youngest and his wife took a pregnancy test and it was positive, fun for us to be with them at this very special moment.  This will be our first grandchild and we are suitably excited.  Hope everyone is doing well and at worst I will be back online October 4th!

The drive through Oregon and northern California should be beautiful this time of year - we are hoping to see some beginnings of leaf turnings.  Enjoy the rest of the month!

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  1. Kathy, have a great time. I have a friend in Halfway Oregon! I will also be heading off next week to the Outback to see my girls for a week.