Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Jots and Tittles

Jots are small markings in writing - the dot over the 'i' for instance, the anglicized Greek word iota.  Tittles are a combination of tiny and little, the words appeared in the Tyndale and then the King James version of the Bible.  Just in case you were wondering.....you probably weren't.

It is blustery and cold, I am thinking of stews and homemade bread.  I was terribly proud of myself for not turning on my oven all summer and keeping the house cool.  Now I am thinking of excuses to turn on the oven but we won't turn on the electric heaters or build a fire til we really have to.  I have gotten back to working on the curtains that will hopefully keep the cold out and the warm in this winter and then vice versa (a Latin phrase meaning the other way around) in the summer.

The garden is done for - we had thought that we would get a fall crop but the weather turned wet and then cold, evenings are about 34 or 35 degrees F (1 to 2 degrees C).  The woodpile has grown and we are enjoying the fall colors on the trees, but we know at some point all those lovely leaves will be on the ground and we will have to pick them up.  Here is an idea - the government could stop funding research into whether or not teenage girls are more likely to have sex if they drink alcohol (I kid you not!  They could have saved money and just asked the teenage boys!) and start funding research on how to get the leaves to fall in easy to pick up clumps-maybe using static electricity!  It really can't be any more useless!

I really wanted to belong to a quilting circle like my grandmothers belonged to years ago - so I talked to a lot of ladies in the church and thought I was doing well and we had our first meeting and they appointed me benevolent dictator.  This was not the plan - the plan was to get someone else to start something I wanted to be a part of!  Note to self -stick with straight forward -finagling (obtaining by trickery) is not your strong suit. (a term from card games)

Hubby and I went for a drive to the mountains today - don't know how many more really pretty days are left in the fall season and we wanted to see the color.  Very fun drive to the local ski area and a road we had not taken before - picnic lunch, beautiful views, and then we came back through Harrison Rd in Boise which is a historic district and the trees were just beautiful.  A lovely day.
Bogus Basin Ski Resort

Wandering thoughts -I'm feeling a little disorganized the last couple of days, hopefully this passes!  I also hope you enjoyed all the fun words - there are words that just shouldn't be allowed to leave the regular usage!


  1. Ha ha, that was funny, Kathy. Now when are you going to ask those teenage boys that question? :-)

    1. I'm waiting for my government funding!!! lol