Sunday, August 17, 2014

Away From Home

So Hubby and I are having a long distance romance again for a little while.  I think he will appreciate me more when I get home...Maybe?  Hopefully he and the kitties are not having too much fun without me and the dancing girls were just a threat!  :)  In all seriousness I really appreciate a hubby who says "go take care of your grandma, we will be fine!" 

Here is Mom, her sister who was widowed in February and Grandma (before we took her to the beauty shop.  We are eating fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and homemade bread, we may not have had meat in a meal all week.  There is nothing wrong with grandmas appetite, she eats like she always has!

We took Grandma to the beauty shop

Is it a compliment to say you look 10 years younger when you are 101?

Before I got here there was not enough 'Muscle' to get her out of the house, I told her I'd take her for a drive if I had to carry her all the way to the car!  We ended up finding a workable solution, and we have gone on 4 outings in the last 10 days.

We got 5 inches of rain yesterday, this is the driveway and the neighbors yard from the upstairs window (sorry for the screen)

Same shot today!  This is such a different climate from what I am used to in the semi arid western states.  Here in Missouri it is humid in the summer and they do not irrigate crops in general, they are more often worried about flooding than drought, although both can happen.  I spent a week or more here every summer that I can remember as a child and then I brought my kids back here about every 2 years when they were kids.  There is a nostalgia here for me as well as a grandma!

Since we are supposed to have a chance of rain for the next few days we will keep this weeks outings to the paved roads or as we say here 'on the black top'. 

We are all having fun Grandma and Mom and I and that is what is important.  Don't know how long grandma can last but want it to be as fun and comfortable as possible.

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  1. Good on you for helping out with your Grandma, Kathy! You are making memories of her last years which will be with you forever.