Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Case of the "Myehs"

While there is a mystery title in there somewhere (the case of the....) what I am really suffering from is more along the lines of the blahs, but a little different, perhaps more like a fugue....Sigh!  See this is where I have been since getting home from Grandmas.

First there was the ankle; while I was taking photos of the cemeteries in Unionville and the surrounding area, I had a mishap.  I was not watching where I was going and stepped in a hole.  (not the big kind in a cemetery; the kind gophers and voles make!)  My ankle twisted, I heard a terrible popping sound and sat down immediately (because I couldn't stand up)!  Many things were running through my mind at this point - "I think I broke something, I can't call Mom to come get me as I have the car, I refuse to call emergency and try to convince  the ambulance to come to the graveyard."  Lucky for me when I did decide to stand up it was a little sore but ok to walk on.  So I did, and I got back to the house and it swelled up quite a bit and I soaked it in Epsom salts and then just went on doing what I was doing, a couple of days of limping and then it was just sore to the touch but ok to walk on, I figured I bruised it on the outside of my leg.  I walked
At least the brace goes with my slippers
through more cemeteries, ran the wheelchair up and down the hill to the house and went up and down the stairs several times a day.  Since it was still a little tender when I got home I decided to check it out and go to the doctor, she sent me for x-rays, I have a transverse distal fibula fracture!  This is not bad as it is half healed already and the doctor said to wear a brace for the next 3 weeks or so.  Somehow it seems worse now that I know what it is! (Sigh)

So I sat down and started to finish some of the crocheting that I had going and Hubby (bless his heart) decided that I needed to stay off of my ankle as much as possible so he started fixing meals and doing dishes, and I sat too long and started feeling 'myeh', like you do when you've been sick and not able to do stuff and..... I think I'm about over it!  I need to get going again and the weather is cooling down and I am feeling more energetic.

Look what I got done on the "granny squares out of grandma's yarn" though!  These are the yarns that grandma gave me and I thought I would use in my first granny square afghan.  I now have 31 done and will just keep making until I run out of yarn and then stitch them together!  Part of the fun is that only a few of the yarns match or coordinate so some are patterns and some are solids and it's been fun to figure out.

So I think my battle with the Myehs is about over and I need to dig out warmer clothes - Hurray!


  1. I sometimes get a case of the "can't help its" and usually shut myself in the kitchen and bake my way through it. The neighbours love it, they get to eat their way through it.

    1. I have tried not to gain weight through this! :)

  2. I hope you feel better soon, Kathy. Just as well you didn't do more damage to your ankle. You are getting a lot of squares done though :-)

    1. I am trying to think of this as "making lemonade"!