Monday, October 13, 2014

Stocking Up and Taking Stock

Things are slowing down - not the passage of time by the way - and it is time to look back at what worked, what did not work and what still needs to be done. 

Hubby may make a couple more of these!
Worked - The small raised bed in the garden using 2x4's rather than the great huge raised bed in the yard that cannot be moved.  The small raised bed was moved a couple of times and will go to a different place in the garden next year in the rotation of things, it was perfect for protecting the lettuce and the little green onions and the carrots while they were tender. We will work on better drainage for it next time.

There is soil there!
Did not work - Flood irrigating the garden!  Hubby really, really wanted this to work and even he is talking of putting a better border around the garden to keep the water if not out then at least in channels.  I understand the desire for this to work but really if you water the weeds as well - guess what?!  Yeah, the weeds have taken over and I am waiting for a hard frost to kill them!

Worked - Broccoli - This will definitely be on the list for next year, this was our first attempt at the stuff and we even have some in the freezer, it is one of our favorite veggies and next year we will try to do a spring and a fall planting of it.

Worked - Onions, we had much better luck with the onion sets we put out this year, got a lot of good sized onions, next year we would like to try two or three different types.

Did not work - bare root berries - we planted blackberries and blueberries and by the end of summer we had - wait for it - sticks in the ground!  Next year we will buy the plants, we have never had good luck with bare roots other than roses!

Worked - Corn in small 'stands', they were thick enough to pollinate well and hold each other up.  We also planted 3 plantings and just last weekend ate the last of the corn on the cob as well as had some to give away and freeze during the season.

As mentioned before I am waiting for a good hard frost to kill the weeds and then I will get in there and rake and rototill for the winter.  I am already laying out the plans for next years 'crop rotation' and planning for seeds I will need to order and we have saved some seeds this year of our own for the first time, we will see how that goes as well.  This gardening thing is sort of a year round endeavor! 

But for now - it is fall, the trees are turning beautiful (and the leaves are still on them!), the Cardinals are in the playoffs, the Broncos won this last Sunday and it is almost cold enough to wear a coat! 
Miss Lily is growing by leaps and bounds and is still beautiful we think!
5 1/2 months isn't she lovely?!
Life is good!


  1. Really enjoyed reading this as I'm thinking through the same sorts of questions here! That baby is just gorgeous! Enjoy every minute of her five and a half month loveliness! E x

  2. Lily is just gorgeous. It is a lovely age she is at. I know what you mean about the garden successes and fails. It is all a learning curve isn't it?