Sunday, November 23, 2014

It is NOT winter yet!

So this week is Thanksgiving and we all think of things we are thankful for and we feel blessed and we gather with friends and family and it is a warm holiday for us.  I have decided this year I am thankful I don't live in BUFFALO, NY!  Yikes they got 7-8 feet of snow in 2 or 3 days, that is just frightening!  People there are worried about flooding and roof collapses!  Seriously we are praying for all of those in danger due to the freak weather system that moved through. 

That spider was really thinking positive yes?

We had 8 inches which is much easier to deal with!

 I got to hitch a ride to California with my friend Anita and we had a great time.  We got back the day after the big snow and the only place we had bad roads was between the freeway and our houses!
It seemed bigger when I was a kid!  :)

 We did the 'trip down memory lane' thing and went to our old schools.

Salute to WWII vets from the hometown!

We did the tourist thing in Exeter, CA.  They have around 30 murals all over the community and have been featured in several travel magazines.

We searched for family members in local cemeteries, we went on veterans day so we got to see the tail end of the ceremony and all the flags around the cemetery. (very moving)

And of course I got to see Miss Lily!!!, who is 6 months old now and just starting to crawl and ever so cute!
I got to babysit and spend lots of time with her.
It was a wonderful trip and much fun and we may do it again sometime!

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