Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bits and pieces

Well, we are at that time of year when we try to get up fairly early and do our outdoor activities before it gets too hot and then come inside and do sedentary things until it cools down again and then maybe go back outside to finish up!  Looking at the forecast it is supposed to get into the triple digits next week - 101-107 degrees are predicted (38 - 43 Celsius) We do not have central air (or heat) so we will be doing the poor mans evaporative cooler - spray yourself with water and sit in front of the fan!!

 Sedentary in the afternoon means sewing some days, and now that the oldest daughter-in-law has received her birthday gift in the mail I can show it here.  I had made wallets for the girls a couple of years ago and hers was wearing out, she had asked for a new one on the next gift giving occasion.  Is there anything that makes us hand crafters happier than the gift we labored over is used so much it wears out - and they want another!

The print on the outside is strawberries (which she loves) black for the lining and a red (her favorite color) subtle print for the card slots and coin purse.
I had made these before, sort of basic, but they started to look good when I found this pattern for the card slots here.  This lady's measurements were spot on and made the slots look so much more professional.

I have made a habit of using some of my Mother-in-laws button collection that I inherited.  Some of the buttons are from back in the 30's and 40's (her moms collection) and some from the 50's and 60's, but all are vintage. When I was looking for a nice big red one I also found these little heart shaped red ones and they reminded me of strawberries, so I used green embroidery floss, tied them on the ends and made them into a zipper pull.  She was very pleased! (and I was thrilled that she was pleased - funny how that happens!)

Oldest son and wife (she of the new wallet) sent us a gift last week as a combined Mothers day/Father's day gift.  A rice cooker/steamer/slow cooker!  This is going to be so much fun this summer!  I made the rice, shrimp and fresh peas all in the cooker at the same time!  One pot to wash and it can sit out on the porch table and cook away and not heat up the house.  Hubby is happy as he likes rice but I don't like to fix it in the summer as it just heats up the kitchen!  What fun!

I am going to go through some more no bake recipes now!  I am drinking lots of water, and thinking about what else I can cook all at one time! 
Have a great week!


  1. That wallet is gorgeous! and you're so right there's no happier feeling for a crafter than a recipient loving something you've made so much it wears out and they request another! I have a thing for reusing vintage buttons too - lovely that they have a whole new lease of life. I expect you feel the heat is a bit much of a good thing but I am rather envious! it's still not very warm here in the uk. Not freezing cold but not hot either! I have been toying with investing in a slow cooker and you've brought the idea back to the forefront of my mind! Thank you! Have a lovely (& not too hot!) day with some happy siesta sewing Kathy! E x

  2. Kathy, your slow cooker is a crock pot I guess. Perhaps cook a few meals in it to keep your kitchen from getting too hot as they are some high temps you are having. In summer we normally live on salads as the western sun hits out kitchen and it is like an oven. Love the wallet.