Monday, August 24, 2015

Blessings and Answered Prayers

When we moved into this house we knew there were problems, that was, after all, why no one could get a loan on it, and why it was so reasonably priced.  We fixed the electrical and we fixed the plumbing, we patched holes in the cupboards and painted the walls.  During the 'painting the walls' part we discovered another problem - we had a leak in the roof that the company had just painted over the evidence of and now the paint they used was starting to slide down the wall!  Hubby went up on the roof and tried to patch it, but was only partly successful, the next year more get the picture.  The corner of the kitchen where the leak ended up practically poured water through the drywall when it rained, forget stains - we had drywall that was falling and cracking!  This was going to be a fairly large job and more money than we had in savings, we got ready to take out a loan even though it made us feel sick as we have stayed debt free since we retired 5 years ago.

My grandmother passed away last November and my mom and her two sisters just sold the family farm, they all got a nice amount, my mom told me one night on the phone that when the money came through she was going to give my brother and I a gift that she hoped we would use to improve our houses as we both had issues that needed to be taken care of. 

She sent us the exact amount of the estimate on the roof - plus a little extra.....

The simple 'remove the old and put on the new' shingle job it should have been turned into this...
They had to replace the rafters, the wood sheets, the insulation and the drywall!  This was going to be a lot more!

We spent 10 days with no light in the kitchen, and all the appliances and stuff from the counters in the TV room, then we (I) had to paint the walls and ceiling after the texturing was done and hubby had to hang the new lights and do the wiring. 

This is the finished product!  It is such a blessing to have the problem fixed and done right!  Did I mention that my mom was coming to visit and I finished the painting the night before she got here?!!
Oh and the money she sent?....It was almost exactly what we needed with just  little cushion !!

We are blessed - and I am enjoying the company of my mom for at least 10 days!!  Life is good, and once again we were reminded of the lesson we shouldn't have to be reminded of  "Let go and Let God"  he knows our needs and we shouldn't worry.  I am fairly sure I will need to be reminded of this again, but hopefully not for awhile yet!!

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  1. How timely was that gift from your mum, Kathy. Your kitchen looks lovely and I am sure your mum loves it too.