Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Is That Near Here?

Today I am extolling the virtues of 'day trips' to places near your home!  A lot of us are trying to be more frugal and yet have some fun, my recommendation is to look close to home.  There are probably several historic monuments/buildings/bridges near you.  There are likely to be parks and forests you haven't been to.  And to my way of thinking it is hard to beat a local museum - find out why something you've known all your life has that silly name. 

The girls in our loosely organized, self proclaimed camera club went out today and saw the waterwheels in the Noble Canal in New Plymouth Idaho. 

These 3 that we saw are still in use and it is kind of incredible when you look at the power and the ingenuity involved.


We found an old cemetery (I had some relatives who lived here in the late 1800's),   Thomas Henry Guffey and his wife Serena traveled here from Missouri and had a hand in making it the beautiful agrarian valley it is now.

 I came looking for Thomas and Serena, I was pleased to find another relative.  Anna Guffey Duggan.  I believe she is a daughter of Thomas and Serena. 

We saw the worlds biggest horseshoe (the whole town of New Plymouth is built in a horseshoe shape), ate snack foods in the air conditioned car, and stopped by a large produce market on the way home.  Oh - and we hit a few historical markers as well.  Who knew the reliably red state of Idaho was once a southern democrat stronghold?

So get on the bus, or get in the car and head out to see the local sights.  our day today cost - with gas - $10 split 3 ways!  You can't beat that with a stick!


  1. Oh but I do - get on the bus! I do agree with you about getting to know your own locality rather than heading off by air to the other side of the world. There's so much right where we live don't you think?!

    1. I agree, and local history can be so much fun. We are a little too rural for the buses to run outside of town! But they are awesome for the town stuff.

  2. Kathy, we love in a very beautiful city with lots and lots of great places to visit a short drive away so are never lacking anywhere to go for a drive. My daughter lives in Outback Queensland and they have to drive for hours and hours before getting to any interesting places unfortunately. You sound like you and your friends are having fun. By the way, your book is in the mail.