Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy 2016...and a little gift!

So today finished;  putting away of Christmas 2015, cleaning of the office/studio, and filling in all the birthdays and anniversaries I need to remember on my new wall calendar - Mom bought me a beautiful one from the Canadian Rockies when she was on her trip to Glacier National Park this fall!  It is breathtaking and I am going to enjoy looking at it all year!!  Watched the Rose Parade on TV this morning as I worked and marveled at the temperatures!  It was 60 (15C) in Los Angeles and we were at 6 (-14C) degrees this morning! 

Happy New Year to all, may your year be blessed.

Here is a gift for all of you who (like me) struggle to explain how someone is related to you!  I love genealogy and this has been a great tool for me!!  Enjoy...


  1. Kathy, Happy New Year. When my mum was alive she LOVED working on the family history. Unfortunately she didn't use a computer as she would have found so much information out these days. She did contact a Mormon office here in town and they were able to help her find some info.

    1. The Mormon church are the movers behind My searches are so much easier because of their records!!