Thursday, February 25, 2016

Little signs of spring

Took the camera out today and walked around the yard.  There are little signs of spring here and there.  The grass is starting to have a green tint, the birds are going crazy picking up twigs and building nests.  Oh we will probably have some more cold before it warms up for the season but we are enjoying the little signs that a change is on it's way.

Some very brave volunteer lettuce from last years crop!

The chives are peeking out.

My new strawberry planter is almost ready to go...
Hubby has rototilled the first round to try to keep ahead of the weeds......
This is a blurry photo of the aspen trees, they do a little pussy-willow type of thing in the spring.  (can you see it?)

Now we start praying that the cherry and apple trees don't start blooming before the last frost!!  It is very satisfying to feel the seasons change and enjoy the transition from one to another.  I must admit they do seem to get shorter each year!!  That may have more to do with me though I suppose.....

Remember it is leap year, we get an extra day!  My computer at the office reminded me that for writing policies and making changes 2/29 is not a valid effective date!  Will have to see how that goes!



  1. Glad you are seeing a little greenery now, Kathy. Our summer finishes tomorrow officially but it is still fairly warm here. It hasn't been too bad where we live but some areas have had days and days of heatwave conditions. I couldn't cope with it. I hope yours doesn't get too hot.

    1. So do I! I'm trying not to think about impending heat!