Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I am not afraid.....

...and you don't have to be.

We are living in interesting times, to say the least.  I do not remember people being this angry, rude,  frightened, sad and just silly in some cases.  I read of college students who need 'safe spaces', actors and actresses who are quite dramatic (probably an occupational hazard) in their intentions to leave our country or at very least to simply die!  It seems to me that many of these people are seriously afraid.  That many of them truly think this is the worst time of their lives.  I feel sorry for them.  See I am not afraid.  I know how this all ends, I know who is in charge. 

I know that the world is never going to be a perfect place and it will get worse.  I know that there will always be wars  and rumors of wars.  No matter how much we try there will always be poor people and the homeless.  I believe that life on earth is going to become more and more difficult for many.  I believe this is part of the plan.

The Bible says "count it all joy",  because the trials make us grow, deepen our faith and set our anchors.   We are stronger because we are tested.  The goal is to be an example, to tell others why we are not afraid and to share the peace that can be had by all.  God has a plan, he wants us all to be saved, and he provided a way for it to happened.  Then he wrote it all in a book so we would know what was coming.

Don't be afraid, God is sovereign....be thankful and count your blessings!

Happy Thanksgiving!

And remember.......


  1. Kathy, as our Pastor said at church recently, 'Nothing is a surprise to God'. :-)

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