Thursday, March 2, 2017

The International Day of the Woman.....and snowmen and popcorn

The International Day of the Woman is coming up soon (March 8) and I admit I am appalled by some of the ways women in America have decided to celebrate.  My attitude may be influenced by my age (very likely), my politics (not left leaning), my faith (Christian and Biblical) or a combination of all three (also very likely).

The International Women's Day has been celebrated since around 1910.  It was begun as a labor strike in New York and pushed by the Socialist Party in America.  It continued on unofficially until 1914 when a women's conference was held and it was decided to make it official, and the date was set for March 8 each year.  The IWD is even credited by no less a personage that Leon Trotsky for beginning the 'February Revolution' that overthrew the Monarchy in Russia.  (Russia was still using the Julian Calendar - in most of the world it was March 8th).  Primarily celebrated by communist countries as state holidays, the celebrations in the west still continued on their own until 1977 when the United Nations proclaimed the date and the celebration and urged member countries to observe the holiday.  These days they even have a theme for each year, this years theme is "Be Bold For Change". 

The nitwits (my bias showing) who brought us the 'March to Kill our Babies' (they called it the women's march but they only talked about abortions and sexual freedom) have decided to throw a 'day without a woman' party that includes not shopping and not going to work and maybe wearing red. (I'm not kidding they even have an official web page!) These are not ideas I consider to be bold or all that helpful!

I thought it would be fun to come up with some ideas for how to celebrate the 'Day of the Woman' and even accomplish something at the same time. Here are the ideas I have come up with so far.

1. Wear Purple like the queen of my world that I am. (just to get in the mood you know)
2. Send encouraging/thankful/uplifting Facebook posts to the women in my life who inspire me - flooding our feeds with positive messages for women.
3. Email my Representatives and Senators encouraging them to defund Planned Parenthood and save lives. (Planned Parenthood would still exist, just not on the taxpayers dime)
4. Flood the United Nations with e-mails and letters demanding that all of the countries that sit on the U.N. Human Rights council's 'Commission on Women' must allow women in their countries to vote, drive and walk alone on the street - at a minimum.
5. Donate to to help rescue male and female children from sex slavery/trafficking around the world.
6. Buy a gun, mace, take a self defense class - it really is empowering.
7. Pray for our leaders and elected officials, even the ones I don't agree with. (maybe especially them!)
Add to the list or pick one of these - I guarantee it will be more productive than not shopping or going to work. (Except for number one, that's just personal preference - wear your own favorite color!)

OK that's it rant over....

While it has been cold and snowy I have finally managed to finish the popcorn process.  Popcorn was my "never done it before" crop this year and we got a pretty good harvest - 2-3 ears per stalk.  I dried them out and we picked off enough kernels to make some at Christmas.  I still had quite a few ears left - however my technique needed work.  Picking off the kernels with my thumb was a little painful!

 They came off the cob fairly easily but the friction needed was the problem - so I got out a small heavy spoon and tried using it like a peeler (sort of) and it worked really well (after I learned to cup my hand over the process to keep it from flying everywhere!)

It was much easier after the 'system' was worked out and there were fewer to pick up off the floor!  Out of one ring of corn I ended up with about a pint of kernels!  It really does taste good, popped in a pan with coconut oil...yum.  Pretty sure the stick of butter on the top negates any health benefits but it tastes awesome!

I have been documenting the build up and melting of the snow in photographs - have to admit this one made me a little sad.  Lily made a snowman (maybe a snow lump) on the 24th of December.

Last week the snow-lump was just about the last thing left in the back yard - a little pile of snow and several rocks (eyes, nose, buttons) it's been so cold he lasted a full 2 months!!  I know you're thinking of Frosty...let's move on quickly!

There are definite signs of spring is hard to see but my garlic that I planted in October is beginning to push through the leaves.

We have been looking at all the seed catalogues as well.  We are very much ready for a change of season.

There is a lot of flooding in various parts of the country and we are keeping those affected in our prayers.

 Not getting too excited about spring as this is what it looked like on Monday...sigh!


  1. good that rain, it looks so cold too, hope you are snuggled up indoors xx

  2. sorry, that should have read goodness!

    1. Wood stove is going and we are toasty! Thank you!