Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Waning Days of Summer

It is in the air, that thing, the smell, the feel that says we are on the tale end of summer and not the beginning.  You would know even without a calendar - but you can't explain it to your city friends to save your life!  We have accomplished so much and yet have so much left to do. (sigh)
Still no hot running water - the plumbing issues were worse than we thought and now there is more electrical rewiring.  So we get to practice our disaster plans for water and bathing etc.  Yes we can do without hot running water - it is just not as easy.  But we have lived now without running water, without hot water, without a stove, and without air conditioning in the hottest summer on record.  Yup it's doable - OK so I'm ready to stop practicing!!  (smile)

I have been thinking about the political climate and all that is going on in the political arena lately. I am convinced now that so many differences could be solved if we just used the right words!  We conservatives need to learn to use the correct words so we could quit scaring the the other side!  We do scare them you know, with our guns and our God, all that clinging you know.  So I have come up with a few suggestions to help our progressive neighbors get over their fears....
My suggested word Substitutes:
Food Storage = Earthquake Kit (Snowstorm Kit, Hurricane Kit -you see where I'm going here)
Bicycle, horse = Green Transportation
Homesteading/living off the grid = Sustainable Lifestyle, Permaculture living
Gardening and food preservation = Natural/organic food
Concealed Carry classes I teach for women = Empowering women, closing the gender gap
(smile) I think I just lost them!!  Oh well I still think the theory is a good one!

Back to fall -  fall and winter are my favorite seasons, I hate to be hot, I am more comfortable a little cool.  I love the colors and the smells.  I love that crisp bite to the air.  I love football!!!  My beloved Broncos will be playing this Sunday night and I have already informed my sports challenged Handy Hubby that the TV is mine for the duration of the game!!!  What?? Orange is a fall color!!!  I miss my Daddy most this time of year, he and I and my brother - hundreds of miles apart would be calling each other throughout every Bronco game and then do the breakdown afterward.  He was a HS football coach for years and my brother and I were weaned on football.  My Mother is a saint!!!

For the record - I love the colors of the leaves on the trees, once they hit the ground or the roof they become enemies, if I could just train them to fall into the compost buckets!

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