Thursday, October 18, 2012

The War on Women

I wrote this post after the conventions and before things got sort of wild and busy and just forgot to post it,so here it is – late but hopefully still relevant.

The Republican's War on Women” - This phrase irritates me on several levels, first is the assumption that this so-called war is real, then of course is the implied assertion that the Democrats are going to save women and thirdly the rather wild and even strange claims that are being made by the media and assorted sycophants such as or Emily's list.

First let me admit a few things, confession being good for the soul. I am watching 'clips' of the Democratic National Convention, I tried to watch, I started to watch, my intentions were good, but then my blood pressure started going up and you know I decided that since heart attacks were the number one killer of women – the DNC had apparently declared war on me!!! OK I know it wasn't personal but I just couldn't watch the whole thing. I should also confess that I don't care about Roe v. Wade being the law. ( by the way revoking Roe v. Wade doesn't make abortion illegal, it just lets the states decide) I am staunchly anti abortion, but believe that until the law makes me violate my beliefs then it just allows others to do things I don't agree with. I am sure there were laws on the books in King Nebuchadnezzar's kingdom that allowed things Daniel didn't approve of, but Daniel didn't defy his government until King Darius made a law that would have forced Daniel to commit a sin. My responsibility is to educate and encourage young women not to have abortions and to contribute to programs that help young women who have become pregnant either keep the child and become a good parent or help place the child in adoption. I am not responsible for the actions of non believers, I believe that people are on their way to hell because they have rejected God and specifically Jesus, not because they broke one of the ten commandments. (Thank God, no seriously Thank God) So I guess I'm just mildly intolerant!!! (smile)

Back to the 'war on women', I wanted to be fair, I thought maybe I was hearing through my own mental filter (we all have one you know) that was leading me astray, so I Googled it – nope I was right – the 'war on women' is primarily about abortion, oh they throw a few things in there to change it up and make it sound more broad and pervasive but it is really about abortions - sorry “reproductive freedom”.

According to the Democrats the Republicans want women to die due to botched abortions, to get pregnant in the first place because they can't afford birth control, to loose the valuable breast exam services of Planned Parenthood (who knew that from the name?), and to take away legal protections against rape (no I am not kidding check Sandra Fluke, the poor 30 something student/activist at a very expensive college who can't afford her birth control is the  poster girl for the new woman.  "Hello - I graduated with honors from Cornell University, got my post graduate degree from Georgetown University, and can't find the $10 birth control at Wal-Mart! I have worked on behalf of domestic violence and human trafficking victims, testified before a congressional committee and it never occurred to me that if I could not afford my birth control I should quit having sex!" Really? This is the spokesperson for women in America?

Lets be honest, the 'War on Women' is very real, and it's been around for about 40 years or so (longer I think maybe), but it's not against the Sandra Flukes of the world – it's against me, and probably you. The war is being waged against women who home-school their kids, who stay married to the same man for years, who believe in the Christian marriage, who gave birth to the unexpected child and just squeeze the budget. The war is being waged against women who stay home and take care of the kids and create a home, against women who sacrifice careers for children, who let a man be the head of the house, who own a gun (or two) and who are ready to defend themselves and their kids (hubby has his own gun).

BUT WHY!!!????

Power – There used to be a saying that “the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world” no one says that anymore – the hand that used to rock the cradle and rule the world is now encouraged to live a “life of Julia” sort of pathetic dependence and then teach that dependence to their kids and then we all vote for more government help and then......yeah we get where this is going. The real 'war on women' has been going on for a long time and it has had a devastating effect on America.  Come on girls we need to vote!!!!

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