Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

Independence has so many meanings, for so many different people whether or not they live in the USA.

One of my favorite blogs to read is the "Frugal Queen", a lady in the UK who is working and practicing financial independence and helping her readers live frugally.  I read "Rural Revolution" by a lady and her family who are living a lifestyle that leaves them independent in many ways.  I also love the "down to earth blog" about the freedom of living simply, written by a woman in Australia. (They are listed on the sidebar) Most of the blogs listed on my sidebar are about these topics. Each of these is a wonderful aspect of freedom.

My thoughts today turn to the real freedom that I have as a Christian, while I need to follow the laws and try to do the right thing, I am free from hell.  I will go to heaven when I die.  I am saved!  I think of Paul writing in prison about his freedom and privilege.  So I will celebrate the Independence Day of my country the same as usual, I will continue working with others to try and preserve our freedoms and to keep our constitution intact.  But I know deep in my heart it may not work and we may lose our country as we know it.  I am still free.  My salvation does not depend on the government, the UN, the President, the leadership of the world, the Middle East situation, Putin in Russia or the new guy in Egypt.  My salvation and my freedom come from the one who knows what will happen tomorrow and he holds me in his hand.

So I will celebrate the first nation that gave its citizens true religious freedom, I will be grateful for my life and the lifestyle my country allows me to have, I will pray for the future - but I will not worry about it.  No matter what comes - I AM FREE!

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