Monday, August 12, 2013

The 'Kick Me' List

There has been much conversation about 'bucket lists' since the movie came out - it was a good movie, I enjoyed it and I have a nebulous, in my head sort of bucket list of my own.  What I'm curious about today is- am I the only one with an 'anti' bucket list?  I call it my 'kick me' list.  Items get on the list sort of like this - "If I ever tell you I want to do ______ again please kick me!"  I should probably be embarrassed that my kick me list is exponentially longer than my bucket list.  Quite frankly the bucket list was also more fun to assemble and is more fun to contemplate!  You have probably realized that the kick me list does not even pop into my head until I find myself uttering the words "if I ever"....

I bought a piece of Monks cloth, sewed the edges, washed according to instructions and then needed to finish the edges somehow.  I thought I would like a knotted fringe.  I was right I do like it.  The cloth is 6 foot by 4 foot. Do you have any idea how many knots that is at a knot every 4 thread groups?  Note to self - next time make the fringe longer (short fringe is incredibly time consuming to tie).  I will tell you how long this took, I watched the BBC - History of the English Language 7 part series on you tube with no commercial interruptions....6 hours!  My index finger and my thumb are sore from rolling each group into a single strand to then tie in a knot!  It does look good though and I am glad it is ready - I am going to do counted cross-stitch flowers on it and it will be a throw for the chair or couch in front of the wood stove.  (sigh....this is how I wind up trying these things in the first place!)

Ready to go!

I am certain that I will add more items in the future!  Oh well!


  1. Kathy, I don't think I saw that movie. I have never made a Bucket List but probably should think about making one up at my age.

    That throw looks good...pity it took so long to do. It was a bit like that with cutting the seams in the rug I made for my granddaughter. It seemed to take forever and I didn't think I would be able to move my fingers afterwards. LOL! Is that a sign of getting older or something? :)

    1. I tell myself it's dedication and hard work but it may just be age!