Saturday, August 3, 2013

This 'n' That

Bits and pieces running through my head tonight, so I'll share.

Had a bad storm come through the area day before yesterday and lots of folks lost tree branches and parts of roofs. We were fortunate we only lost power for a short time and our trees are all where they are supposed to be (not on our roof!). However my corn looks silly, it all blew over and now is propped up on the back fence, maybe it just looks tired! The neighbor in front of us had a huge branch fall on their car and knock out the windshield and dent the hood. You could count the rain drops we had on two hands I think! Strange storm.

Idaho attracts environmentalists and animal activists. We have the debate about wolves and elk, we have had several bear incidents lately where people have found themselves face to face and either shot a bear or been injured by one. A man actually was taken to court because he shot a grizzly bear in his back yard where his kids were playing! This brings out the folks who need to 'monitor' us hicks to make sure we are not doing things to hurt the wildlife! One of the folks who are here to monitor the wildlife got bitten by a grizzly – he will be fine – it just made me laugh out loud - it's probably a character flaw and I will work on it, just as soon as I can breathe again!

Our youth pastor is in India on a mission trip till Monday, his wife is in the hospital as the baby decided to come now instead of in 3 weeks. Heck of a way to find out how the rest of your life is going to be now that you have children!  :)

My grandma has had another TIA type stroke and the left side of her body is affected. My mom is with her and has been since January, Grandma is fading, she knows where she is going and she is ready to get there. At nearly 101 she is just about the last of her generation, she has lots of friends and Grandad waiting for her, this is hard for my mother to go through and there is nothing I can do other than pray for them. (Grrrr!) How fortunate I am to have had grandparents for so long. My children have had multiple great grandparents until recently! Now they are down to one grandma and one great grandma. What a legacy they have enjoyed!

We have been talking for awhile about having insulated curtains on all the windows to keep the heat out in the summer and the heat in in the winter. They kitchen/dining are the last ones and we finally bit the bullet and bought the material for the kitchen ones, they are the last ones that still have curtains I cobbled together from my stash! I am going to try and 'quilt' curtains – got several fabrics and am going to try a zig zag pattern, white muslin on the back. I am debating what to line them with, thinking I may use some of the very old polyester double knit I have been given if it won't show through. That stuff is the best insulator! I have a polyester quilt grandma made and it has no batting in it and its the warmest quilt ever – can't believe we used to wear so much of it! Only one problem with it though, polyester is like Tupperware – it never wears out so you never get new!

That's it maybe now I can sleep - just need to get it all gone through!

Isn't it funny how much random 'stuff' just runs through our heads!? Ahh life!

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  1. I enjoyed your random post, Kathy. I'm pleased you didn't have any damage done to your place in the storm. They can be terrifying. That was funny about the grizzly bears. When I was in Canada visiting my brother years ago we were quite amazed at all the signs we saw warning about grizzly bears in the area. Needless to say we never strayed far from the car!