Friday, December 13, 2013

Busy, busy, busy!

I have really fallen behind in my posts here in the last few days.  Once Christmas gifts are finished I will be better I hope.  Since we are not going to visit the kids and my Mom is with her Mom I have to ship my gifts - but first I have to finish them!  I am nearly done and will post pics after Christmas so as not to ruin the surprise.  Of course there are the choir practices for the church program/drama, the parties for the groups and clubs (quilt club tomorrow),  having friends who will be gone for the holidays over for dinner and getting ready for our company on Christmas added to the handmade Christmas gifts that have become a tradition.  I am not complaining!  The bustle is kind of fun and we really don't do much that we don't want to any more!  We have added one more activity that I am really looking forward to this year - hubby is a new deacon at our church and this year we will be going out and delivering food and gifts to families in our community for the church.  I guess it is tradition for the board members to do this and they say it is very cool!

The handmade gift tradition has been fun for hubby and myself.  We spend a lot of time thinking about something that we can do for each that will be appreciated and used.  Making things by hand has sort of eliminated the tendency to give a lot of 'junk' - don't have that much time!  It has also eliminated our horrible tendency to over spend on Christmas gifts - good intentions, lovely motives, bad thing to do!  We actually plan our gifts and then make lists of things we need to get, we shop early for supplies, and enjoy the whole process - except for the one thing that always gets left for the last minute!  This year I had planned a gift for the girls that is breakable and when we decided not to travel to see them I had to scramble for a replacement!

So a big thank you to those who continue to read this even when I fall behind and I will be posting more as I finish things up and have time to breathe and enjoy the season.  We re definitely enjoying our "White Christmas" as well - it looks like the 8" of snow may not melt before Christmas day. (yes it has been that cold!)  Okay - back to work - making cookies for tomorrows quilt club party!

Our flamingos don't seem to mind the snow!!


  1. Kathy, now I am presuming those flamingos are not real. :-) I love to see photos of the snow in the US and Canada...especially when it is so hot and humid here with storms about. I hope everything goes well for you and your family this Christmas and that it is a peaceful time for you all.

  2. Kathy, I can't find a contact form on your blog. I was wondering if I could use your 'flamingos in the snow' photo on my blog with a link to your blog of course. I wanted to post a photo of the snow in the US. Thanks.

    1. You can't find it as I don't know what it is but please feel free to use the photos and yes they are plastic! This contact form sounds like a good thing to have I think I will pop over to your blog and take a look!

  3. Go to gadgets and click on 'More gadgets' and I think it is the first one that comes up. You can attach a smaller one if you know how anything about the codes on blogs which I don't so mine just sits at the bottom of the sidebar minding its own business :-)