Sunday, December 29, 2013

Pictures of Christmas Gifts

As promised once the gifts were opened by the kids and Mom and Grandma I would post pictures.  Here we go!

This is the end of one of the table runners, each of the ladies got one of these, you can see all four of them below!

  Middle son wanted a 'Bronco' pillowcase so I sewed one up and am very proud that I did 'french' seams in it - it turned out very well I thought.

The daughters in law got these homemade sewing kits that match the purses and wallets I made for them last year.  These were easier than I thought and I put stuff in them I need on a regular basis - like safety pins and stick pins.

 I forgot to take pictures of the scarves I did with the Red Heart Boutique Sashay yarn that does up so frilly but they turned out well each of the females got one of those and the oldest and youngest boys who work security got black knit scarves (not frilly!).  Hubby has saved patches for years and decided to give them to the boys on hats this year so we sewed them on plain hats we found.  Altogether we had a lot of fun thinking up ideas and putting things together and we hope they all enjoyed them (they are polite enough not to complain anyway!)

I did take pics of the table runners during the process and am going to try my first tutorial for those who are interested.  (soon!)

I am making project lists and grocery lists and trying to get all things organized to begin the hibernation fun!  I love having lists and checking things off them.  The weather is cooperating by remaining frigid, several days in a row not over freezing!  This is project time!  I'm even trying to get a handle on next years Christmas gifts so as to get ahead of the curve.  I am going to go now and practice my new crochet skills some more as I discovered the baby yarn!!!!  It is sooo awesome that I simply must do a baby blanket but I have to get better first - so I am doing dish cloths - with frilly edges!  At least no one will know how silly I am being!  (smile)


  1. I am looking forward to your tutorial, Kathy. It is so funny that your weather is freezing and we are in the middle of a heatwave and everyone is complaining about the heat. LOL!

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