Sunday, February 16, 2014


I have a tendency to discover something that I like to do and then do it until I get tired of it and move on to the next thing and the next etc.  I will come back to the first thing (eventually) but I get going and then I can't stop!  This has happened to me recently with crocheting.  I learned to crochet many years ago with my grandmothers, both of them.  It was way too sedentary for me at that age and it became one of those 'oh I used to know how' things.  I 'rediscovered' the skill when our friends came over just before Christmas and asked if I had made any progress on my re-training program - when I replied that I had not and was having some difficulty they said "go get your hook and yarn" and spent a good amount of time helping me with hands on advise (hold it like this, stick your tongue out like that) and by the end of the next day I had a little beanie for the cancer ward (which was the charity thing that got me wanting to do this again in the first place)
I was so jazzed that I wanted to keep doing things and then there I was obsessing again!

I decided that I needed to learn another stitch or two so started a dishrag
and then I liked the looks of those scalloped edges so put one of those on the dishrag,  just practicing and using stash yarn that didn't quite match,

then to learn the next stitch I made a pair of slippers for myself, then one for Hubby using two strands of yarn, 

then the different slipper pattern with new stitches in it and then ....deep breath....I found the baby yarn and fell in love and started a thick soft baby blanket for the new granddaughter

and then I decided that she needed to be raised correctly and rooting for the proper football team is a big part of that so I started a blanket in the Denver Bronco colors and I have a pattern for booties and a sun hat (the sort of thing every well turned out Bronco fan needs even when your team loses the Super Bowl!)

I think that I am relieved that I did not rediscover this fun thing earlier, my kids would have suffered irreparable harm from the kind of neglect that this would have caused - but this has been a long winter and this was just the kind of obsession I needed to have to keep myself entertained! (those silly Calvin Kline Obsession ads and their underwear...ha!)

Oh and I needed to buy more hooks in many sizes because...
...just because, I won't even try to justify it, I will however point out that I really don't have any other vices, and I cut my own hair and do my own nails...sigh... I'm sounding defensive aren't I ?

I am having fun and it keeps me out of trouble so there it is.  :)



  1. Kathy, I am trying to relearn my lost crochet skills too. :-)

    1. Check out the you tube videos - every new stitch I wanted to do and the patterns are all on there, it is so much easier to learn from the videos than the old diagrams I have in books!

  2. You post made me laugh out loud! It's so recognizable! Nice results though!