Saturday, April 19, 2014


I decided to try to discipline myself recently, I do not know why I think this might work for me when it never worked for my mom and she is much tougher than I am!  I am going to try anyway.  The impetus for this was me trying to find my sewing machine under the stack of 'current' projects.  I realized I am sort of ADD about my projects, I start something and then I see something else and think ooh, I want to see if I can do that, so I start it to see if I can and voila(!), another 'current' project is born!  For the next few weeks then I am not allowed to start anything new, I can only make lists, when I have finished all the projects currently underway, I can then start something new if I want.  (this does not include the long term stuff like the quilt - but it does include all the currently begun crocheting and sewing)  I hope I am slightly more successful at this than the weight loss or exercise programs.  (sigh)  If nothing else at least it got me to inventory the 'in progress' works and making a list of them automatically made it more organized...yes?

It has been beautiful here this week and we have been out in the yard enjoying the weather, I know it could freeze still, but it sure feels like this may be the real thing and winter may actually be over!  (knock on wood)
So here is a little of the recent week activities.

 The cherry tree is loaded with blossoms and you could hear the bees going to town on the pollinating, the hum was just a little unnerving for those of us even mildly allergic to them.

 This is my new best friend taking a break from tilling the front planter, I can't help it I just am thrilled at the ease of getting the ground ready with this guy - Hubby is almost jealous!

 Rhubarb, Columbines, Lavender, and Salvia enjoying the sun and the mulching.

Today the apple tree started humming as well and the blossoms are about 3/4's open, the pink undersides and the while petals are so pretty!

Happy Easter to all!   Wishing you all a blessed day!

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  1. Kathy, I can relate to the UFOs you need to finish off. It looks like Spring has sprung at your place and I can understand why people in the cold regions of the US are so happy about the warmer weather :-)