Saturday, April 5, 2014

Like Christmas in April!

My mother is in Missouri taking care of her mother (my 101 1/2 year old grandmother) and one of the things she is trying to get done is to clean out some of her 'stuff' in the closets.  Grandma is and has always been a pack rat!  In her defense though she never had a lot of money and learned to make do with what she had.  She just never threw a lot away so she'd 'have' when the need came along!  One of my favorite 'Grandma to the rescue' stories was from my cousin's wedding and she had ordered a veil and when it came in she was just in tears - it didn't look like she had pictured it, so Grandma said well let me see what I can do with it and brought back the perfect veil, just like she had wanted, when we asked her how she fixed it she just smiled and said "old bleach bottle"!  She was just like that, I grew up thinking there wasn't much she couldn't do.

Last year Mom had found a bag of yarn in Grandmas upstairs closet and sent it to me as I was learning to crochet and she thought I'd get some use out of it.  We decided to call it 'vintage' yarn rather than just old yarn!  Well she was cleaning out another closet and found another couple of bags of yarn and it came in the mail today!  This is so much fun - most of this will get made into the beanies for the cancer treatment center who always need more hats!  I think there is enough in each skein left to make a beanie and a grannie square and then I will put together a wild mismatched throw of granny squares to make me think of grandma and her saving ways.  She really did teach us all to think outside the box before it became a buzzword!

Doesn't this just look like hours of fun!!?

Hubby just laughed - he knows Grandma and thinks there may be another bag of yarn around somewhere!!!

 So I will spend the rest of my afternoon listening to music and winding up balls of yarn.  Life is good!!

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  1. It sounds like your grandma is like my husband, Kathy although not all of what he hoards is useful. I look forward to seeing what you make with the wool.