Saturday, June 28, 2014

What are the 'Lazy' Days of Summer?

There I am reading one of the newsletters that I get by e-mail and the lady who does the organizing hints newsletter (I do read it, and make notes, and if I ever find them...) was giving tips on things to do during the "Lazy days of Summer".  I don't remember a lazy summer, at least not since I was young enough not to be conscripted for chores.  (is conscripted a bad word to use?  It's not like I volunteered!) When I had kids in school they may have been lazy but I was busier than ever because they were home, and now, with the garden and all the projects around the house that are 'fair weather' jobs (as opposed to the foul weather jobs that are best done inside when it's cold) we seem to be very busy in the summer!  Our days are filled with activities that can be checked off of the master list in the evening and we sit down to supper and sigh and compare notes and discuss the next things we plan to do.  Don't get me wrong -I'm not complaining, I would rather have lots of projects than be bored, a little work never hurt anyone (although it doesn't seem to lead to weight loss either - sadly), and I really am happy with my life just makes me think.   I was raised on the 'Ant and the Grasshopper' story, western movies where the pioneers struggled to survive, that whole eat everything on your plate and be grateful - there are children in " fill in the blank" who are hungry.   In my growing up years "lazy" was a bad word, it sort of went with shiftless!  When I think of a lazy summer day my mind goes to Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn and the sort of weather that they have in the Southern US where the heat and humidity make it hard to even move in the middle of the day!   Maybe these days my 'lazy day' is sitting down in the afternoon with a cold glass of tea and writing on the computer?  Except I do that in the winter with a hot cup of coffee!  (the lazy days of winter?) One of the many relatively unimportant thoughts that bounce around in my head!

In the realm of being busy so as not to be thought of as lazy.....I now have two gallons of pitted cherries in my freezer!  There will be more, so I am freezing them until we are done with the tree and then I will can them all at the same time.  I do not have a cherry pitter so my fingernails and hands look hideous!  Cherry juice stains pretty good and it is a lovely reddish brown.  Maybe for Christmas this year?  Since I know there will be at least one more picking I am not doing a whole new manicure til the process is over!

Before - nothing done yet
The big project I got done this week is my kitchen cupboards. I have just put this off because I was intimidated by the job.  Once I got started I was pleased with the progress I was able to make.  I did not completely sand and re-stain them, I lightly sanded the parts that had issues like the paint drops etc. and then used a 'scratch cover oil' from 'Old English' brand.  The scratch cover oil is rubbed in and covers the sanding and blends the whole thing together. 

After - lemon oil and all

Then I lemon oiled the whole thing, let set, and lemon oil again the next day and I think they turned out pretty good.  It makes a huge difference in the look of the kitchen.  

Someday it will be a complete sand down and refinish but for now on my current budget....this is fine!


  1. Your cupboards came up well, Kathy. Mine need doing badly but I can't seem to get motivated to do them. I often put such things off till spring but our last spring started with a heatwave so that was a bit of a shock. One day! :-)

    1. Our June has been cooler than normal and this is definitely a cooler weather job, We are having company - great motivator! :)

  2. You made me smile in recognition with this post, Kathy! I too was brought up with the same ethic as you and I find it quite hard to "do nothing"! And you're right summer is often a busy old time not a naturally lazy one. This applies for me at work as well as on the home front and every year it kind of catches me out. I think it's quite a good thing to plan some "lazy time" and this is now what I try to do as otherwise I get to the end of the summer and feel a bit short-changed which isn't good going into the busy days of autumn. How wonderful to have a cherry tree producing so much fruit but it's a lot of hard work making sure bounty like that doesn't go to waste. Your reworked kitchen cupboards look lovely. Enjoy all the days of summer, busy ones and some lazy ones too! E x