Monday, June 2, 2014


Hubby and Friend Butch went fishing, no it's not the start of a funny story, they went fishing to a place Butch (native, born and bred here guy) had been before and he told Hubby that they would look while they were there and see if they could find any mushrooms.  He said they were Morels.   I got very excited because I love these things but have only had them and found them in Missouri out in the timber.  They are an ugly mushroom but so good.

Well they didn't catch any fish but they did find mushrooms.  This is what they looked like after soaking in salt water for a short time to get the critters to crawl out, and then I cut them in half, dredged with flour and fried in hot oil.  Gosh they were good!

Sorry for the blurry photo.  Some people used to call them dishrag mushrooms because of the texture of the cap and those old waffle weave dishrags!                                

I think I may have the best friends in the world!  I showed up to a salad pot luck to end our Bible study season  and start the summer break and they were all there for a surprise party - for me! - they called it a 'Grandma Shower' and said it was gifts for grandma to have at her house or give to the new baby or enjoy!  We played games and everything and it was lovely,  it even included those peonies in the vase. (they smell more like roses than roses do!)   What a lovely thoughtful thing to do, we have most of this bagged up and ready to take with us on our trip to see the new little Miss Lily. 

We are so excited to see her and of course the kids. (as if)  I distinctly remember my parents asking if I was bringing the kids over soon, and I used to tease them - "can I come with the kids?" - my dad said "sure but don't come without them!"  Getting all packed and ready to go, we have a friend who will house sit while we are gone so we don't have to worry about the garden.  Can't wait!

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  1. Have a lovely time, Kathy. How exciting for you and what a lovely surprise your friends had for you giving you a 'Grandma Shower'. I have never heard of one before :-)