Friday, January 30, 2015

The Birthday Week

Hubby had his 60th birthday this week.  Yesterday was the last day of his 'birthday week'!  This is an old tradition in our house that started when the kids were little.  Back then Hubby was working nights for about 9 years of the kids growing up time.  Very cool when dad is home in the middle of the day when you get home from kindergarten but hard to plan a birthday party in the middle of the week for that birthday child.  We started having 'the birthday week'!  For a whole week the birthday child was special, he got first choice of cookies, he got to win an argument or two, and we picked a day for the birthday party that may not have been the actual birthday but a day when daddy was home.  The birthday boy got to pick the dinner menu for his birthday meal and then there was usually company consisting of grandparents. (who were still employed back then and grateful for the weekend rather than weeknight parties)

So here we are - the baby is 26, middle just turned 28, and the oldest is 32, hubby just turned 60 and we still do 'birthday week'.  I have been informed by my daughters in law that their men (they really are just big boys aren't they?) need birthday week!  In all fairness hubby does birthday week for me as well so it is not one sided! 

60 is a BIG birthday, sort of, it seemed like a huge one a few years ago and now it just doesn't seem that old! (how convenient for us, yes?)  All the ads say 60 is the new 40 (told hubby that means I'm only 38!) but we are beginning to feel like maybe it's not 40!  :)  I asked Hubby what kind of cake he wanted and this is what he came up with - try to keep in mind the man is diabetic - a French vanilla cake in two round pans, with a cream cheese frosting in the middle, and coconut pecan frosting on the top!  It tasted wonderful (really what's not to like!) but I could only eat a few bites here and there, it was that rich!  I took him out for lunch twice, we went to the local 'senior center' for lunch one day with our friends, made a trip to Harbor Freight (a discount
tools store that has all sorts of cool things and coupons for free gifts every time you go in! Don't laugh, I got a 5 shelf dehydrator for $20 there!)  a homemade footstool cover for under his desk -oh- and ice cream!

So now we are back to our regular middle of winter, but the birthday week gave us a little boost!  Oh yes- we also signed up for a gardening class to be given in February while we were at the Senior/Rec Center! 

We have our chips and dips and pizza ready for the "Super Bowl" on Sunday and the Broncos are not playing so I can watch the game without worrying about my blood pressure!  Life is good!

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