Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Having your own tools.

Years ago when I first got married, I had no tools.  I had to ask my husband for the loan of a hammer when I wanted to hang a painting.  You know how young men are before they are trained - I would say "honey may I borrow your hammer?" and he would say "what for?", I will admit that early on, once in awhile I would say something along the lines of "I was thinking of using it to stir cookies"!  I had grown up on farms where if you needed a tool you went to the barn and got it!  In all fairness, I'm not sure I knew that nails came in boxes of all one size til I got married.  I was used to coffee cans of various sizes full of nails - some previously used!!  And my new husband was sort of picky about his tools and had these huge tool boxes with drawers that were neatly organized, and sometimes I would lay the tool I had borrowed on the counter and fix dinner and not return it immediately...sigh!  After witnessing this problem a couple of times, one year for Christmas, my father in law bought me a set of basic tools - hammer, screwdriver, pliers, box-cutter etc., I was so excited!  It came with a cool little case and they all fit in the molded spots - it was awesome.  I developed a desire to own more tools....you know how this ends don't you?

This is my tool box, it's kind of cool - yes?  I even have a meter to measure and see if current is running through something.  (I do not know how to use it yet but I have it!)  There are other tools, some of mine are stashed in kitchen drawers, and some are in the car.  (I also have my own roll of duct tape!) This toolbox has given me a little insight into the male mind.  (at least about tools, lots of things are still a mystery to me) 

Why am I telling you this ?  Because I was reminded of the reason I have my own tools the other day and thought I would share it.  The toilet paper holder in the bathroom was getting looser and looser and now I could look behind and see that the screw holding it on was pulling out of the drywall.  Hubby had told me it was 'on the list'.  This time of year his 'list' is fairly long and this was really bugging me.

I kind of figured I could do this.  I went to my awesome toolbox and got out the tools I thought I would need.  Yes, there is a little bitty screwdriver that also works for repairing glasses laying there.

the loose screw was obvious

 You can see that it even hung loose and crooked when I opened it up

you can see the blue anchor

I removed the screw that had been put directly into the drywall, (improper mounting technique) used a blue drywall anchor, (which I had in my box) and screwed in the back plate so that it was snug.

There it is, nice and snug.  (I did replace the roll with a new one after I took the picture!) 

Proving that he has been married a long time and learned a few things, hubby did not ask "did you fix the toilet paper roller?", he just told me it looked like I did a good job!

There is a satisfaction that comes with doing something yourself, especially if it is one of those unexpected things that allow you to do something a little outside your comfort zone.  Every woman should have some tools!


  1. It is a strange thing, I have a tool kit gathered piecemeal as and when I needed them. I would almost rather lend my sewing machines than my tools. I have managed to not lend either so far.

    1. My tools are much safer now that the kids have moved out! I know the feeling though :)

  2. There have been some tool kits around in the shops here for Mother's Day gifts and I was going to buy a pink one from ALDI for my daughter but it was too heavy to send up north unfortunately and I didn't want to take it on my QANTAS flight...just as well as it would have ended up rusty anyway :-) I told her that I wished I had bought my own tool kit when I first got married. LOL! Good job you did, Kathy.

    1. planning on getting one for each of the daughters in law!

  3. I missed this post. This is exactly where I'm at, driven by frustration at waiting for jobs to get done! I've learnt to use the power drill and I'm fixing and making all manner of things. I've also plastered the eight year old hole behind the door handle and today I've been trying to work out how to install a poly pipe irrigation system. Empowering isn't it!