Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Monthly Nine

It is time again for the monthly nine link up over at  Greenhaven, be sure to check out the other bloggers and add your own or just read, it is always interesting I think.  I did not do a post for the March link up so will try to be thorough on this one.  The weather has settled into spring now so most of what we do is out in the garden. 

View from the back porch

Nourish - Salads, fresh berries with yogurt, eating out on the porch and enjoying the view.  We always eat lighter the minute the temperature settles in to the 'warm' mode!

 Prepare - We have been preparing the garden and our raised beds.  This is our 3rd growing season (the
first summer we were working on making it liveable, the garden was weeds and we had 2 tomato plants in a pot!) and we are, I think, finally able to be a little more deliberate.  I am thrilled with the herb bed, what I am calling the permanent garden, as I only had to replant rosemary and basil, everything else over-wintered and has come up well.
We added a strawberry bed (in the front) and Hubby made rings for everything and we will try to conserve water and prevent weeds by putting out mulch round it all

Reduce - I had 2 sewing projects this month and ended up with a new skirt and a pair of PJ's.  Total cost was $1.69! Love that!
the hem is even - couldn't get it to hang on and hang even!

the panel from an old knit shirt in my scrap box!

The pj's were made out of fabric from my 'grandma' stash, that I brought home last fall, (pictures here) the thread also came from there and I purchased a package of bias tape for $1.69!  I was jazzed!

  The skirt was an old one that is such good quality I hated to give it up so I pulled the expando like I did with another skirt here, inserted a stretchy piece and it really was too easy! 

Used some old stuff to make new, hurrah!

Green - We are experimenting with various recipes of vinegar and sundry add ins to kill some of the weeds in areas we are not growing anything in, like the drive (dirt and rocks...oh and weeds!)  I am keeping records of what works the best and will try to remember to report back, the vinegar is very effective according to what I read.  We will see....

Grow - Other than what I've already shown, we have several plants waiting to be big enough to go in the garden, cucumbers and squash, and this year we even have flowers!

Create - I am still working on my 'slipper' pattern to crochet.  I had a pair done and didn't like the fit so I started another pair and am happier with the fit, but of course have run out of time and yarn is not as much fun when it is warm outside!  I will figure it out and post the pattern.  I will make one suggestion - if you ever decide to try to make a pattern and crochet along, use a solid color yarn, I cannot tell you how hard it was to keep track of stitches in the camo yarn!!

Aren't they cute?

Discover - Having fun getting to know my new daughter in law, they decided to do a civil ceremony in April and then repeat their vows in a formal ceremony/reception in the fall.  I am so glad I didn't have to raise girls- I now know what my Grandma K (mother of 2 boys) meant when she said she got better daughters than she could have raised!

Enhance - I have really been convicted about the plight of women in other countries who are treated poorly, who have no rights and are being beaten, stoned and killed.  The honor killings have even happened here in America.  I can't do much, but I have tried to speak out when I have a chance, write encouraging e-mails to groups and individuals who are making a difference, and post information on my facebook account when I find it.  I truly believe we will be held accountable for the things we turn our backs on or close our eyes to. 

Enjoy - The seasonal change is always fun to watch, I am enjoying watching the things starting to grow and green and bloom, we are beginning to see flowers and our own periwinkle are in full bloom!
plus the dandelion...sigh!

Enjoy the seasonal change wherever you are and have a wonderful May!!


  1. I love these posts that have a little bit of everything...nice food and gardens, some craft and also two gorgeous family members
    Thanks for sharing Kathy xx

  2. Haha! Berries and salad as we turn to soups and casseroles. How nice to be creating a new garden. It does wonders for the soul. What kind of climate do you have? Sounds like it gets cold in winter if your Rosemary dies but your photos look lovely and sunny. Congratulations on the new daughter in law!

    1. Yes we get snow and below freezing temps in the winter, I'm hoping the 'cold hardy' type of rosemary I bought this time will make it!

  3. Oh, and I'm interested to hear how you go with your vinegar experiments!

  4. I'm with Linda, please post how your vinegar experiments turn out!