Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weddings, Birthdays and Hot Water!

WOW what a month this has been! Middle of September Handy Hubby and I drove to My moms house to be close to the festivities as our youngest son got married. She is adorable and a nice Christian girl and we are very pleased for them. The wedding was a 'themed' wedding – everyone was supposed to dress up in period dress from the 20's through the 60's. It was lots of fun and don't let anyone tell you that hamburgers, hotdogs and soda's aren't a pleasant change from standard wedding fare! Handy Hubby drove home by himself pickup loaded down with the last of the stuff in Mom's backyard shed that was ours. I can't believe he got all the way home without me to help him drive!! (smile, I call it navigating, he has another less pleasant word, nag or something like that!)

My Mom and I got on a plane and headed to Missouri by way of Dallas/Fort Worth (don't ask me how they figure out flight paths), to spend some time with my Grandma (Maternal) who was turning 100 years old! Quite a milestone birthday! Did you know they actually make birthday cards that say happy 100th birthday on them? I didn't either! We got to spend about a week and a half with her before the birthday celebration with family was planned and had a wonderful time, even spent a whole day going from cemetery to cemetery with cousins. (Those of you who are into genealogy know this is not as creepy as it sounds!) Mom, Grandma and I all have birthdays in a two week time frame so we celebrated quite a bit!  Grandma still lives in her own house, drives (they renewed her license for two years now, she only missed one on the test), cans and freezes, and rides an exercise bike. She is slowing down and her mind is still there it just works a little slower than it used to! I do not know what her secret is and neither does she, when asked she will comment that she has never not eaten whatever she wanted to because someone told her she shouldn't. She was a farm wife of a man who expected her to work like a man, and she did. She had a creative talent that came out in her sewing (never a pattern), crafts (quilting and so many other things) and then she started to oil paint when she was 75 and she was prolific, fine art canvases, saws, candles – she just painted on anything she could get her hands on. She puts sugar on nearly everything, salts all her food (and her coffee) and eats a sweet pickle (home canned) with almost all her meals. I have a theory. She is a Godly woman(and has been for nearly 100 years!)  Someone once said of her “it doesn't do any good to tell her any gossip it just stops there!” I have never heard her say a bad thing about anyone, and neither have her daughters or anyone else who knows her. She is the most easy going person I've ever known. I think she just doesn't worry, she seems to have the ability to give it all to God and then let him keep it and not try to help him. (Ahem, apparently there are people who think God needs their input! So I hear anyway!)
There were almost 200 people at her party, and a good time was had by all. I also was getting in some much needed Mommy time myself, hadn't seen my Mom for about 8 months! Shortly after the party Mom and I got on the plane again in Kansas City and flew to Denver CO, where we visit my Dads family, my Aunt and cousins. It was the beginning of sugar beet harvest so it was very busy but still got to go to the mountains and see the aspens, go to the art collection showing at the Loveland museum, used book stores and an awesome quilt shop in Berthoud, CO! By now I had been gone from home for almost a month and while I was having a lovely time, it really was time to go home! Handy Hubby was missing me I think too!

I made my tearful farewells to Mom and headed for home, flew out of a snow shower into sunshine in southwestern Idaho. I have been home for a week and a half and am finally done putting the things away that came home before me in the truck, getting out my winter clothes, rearranging my studio to fit the rest of my 'stuff', and putting up the last of the apples. To top off my exciting month, yesterday, the plumber came out and INSTALLED THE WATER HEATER!!! Handy Hubby had been very busy and gotten all of the things done that he could do while I was gone and it was ready for the stuff that Hubby just really didn't feel comfortable doing. I HAVE HOT RUNNING WATER!!! I am very excited! We both took hot showers last night, I let him go first - he had earned it! I washed the dishes today without boiling any water, things are so much faster when the water comes out of the tap hot! We will not soon take this for granted. We are thankful for simple pleasures!
Life is good!!!!!

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