Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I'm having a few issues with the blog (no nav bar at the top and no followers or button for following) and in the process of trying to figure out the problem I got sucked into playing with backgrounds and fonts.  Please let me know if this is easier or more difficult to read etc., constructive criticism is being solicited here!  I should know better than to try to remedy these things myself but I just keep thinking I'm a reasonably intelligent woman - I can do this - there are instructions!  We'll see if it works out and in the meantime let me know what you think of the "furniture moving"!  I will also take any and all suggestions - did I just hit the wrong button at some point or are the computer gremlins after me?  I swear I didn't touch the government's Obamacare website - it's just a glitch!  If I get it fixed maybe I'll offer them my services (for a nominal fee of course). Wish me luck!


  1. Wow Kathy...big changes here! Well personally I feel it is a bit dark compared to your last one but that is just my opinion. What is the 'follower button' you refer to...the one that comes up at the bottom of your post with the G + 1, Facebook etc on it? If so, that is there. Not sure what the nav bar is but I presume it is the navy bar at the top with the B on it and that is there too. I have been thinking of fiddling with my template but am very wary. Some bloggers start up a separate blog just for testing things out and I may eventually do that and keep it private. It's all a learning curve for us 'young chicks' isn't it? :-)

    1. Thank you - that was my concern as well, that it was a little dark, think I'll keep it till the sun comes out again - it suited the day yesterday. Wonder why I can't see those things. Thank you for telling me they were there. The private blog is a good idea for testing stuff. I laugh - I took a computer class in college - the computer took up a building the size of the gymnasium, we used those punch cards and I learned basic and FORTRAN! It looked like the computers from a Star Trek episode! Maybe I'm not doing so bad after all. It's kind of like my grandmother going from the horse and wagon to a car! Thanks again for the info and input!