Saturday, November 2, 2013

Slow Living October Review

Nourish – Colder weather signals comfort food time for me, we eat a lot more soups and fresh breads from the oven instead of the bread machine. What a nice feeling to use the harvest we put up when it was warm now that it is cold!  (note to self - comfort food has more calories - Watch it!)

Prepare – We have been checking the caulking around the windows and the rubber strips under the doors. Also working on 'door snakes' to keep out a draft!

Green – Hubby is raking the leaves now full time, we are trying to keep in mind how nice it was last spring to open up the compost bin and have lovely soil from all those leaves. Does it still count if I make him warm treats after he rakes? :)

Grow – No actual growing going on but we are growing our emergency food supplies a little at a time, we could currently survive a blizzard that keeps us housebound for a while or the more likely earthquake that knocks out power and leaves us on our own for a few days.
My partner in storage - I find his peanuts all summer long!

Create – My friend Anita and I spent a day making up instructions and an example of the Christmas ornament that the quilting circle will be doing at the November meeting. Lots of fun and lovely results. It was something I remember doing years ago and had forgotten, thank goodness for the internet!

Discover – Three of my friends from our Tuesday afternoon Bible study and I went exploring in Boise on a Saturday and wound up in Hyde Park (yes really) and had a lovely time at the bookstore, estate and garage sales, and then a picnic. The trees were glorious and the company was fabulous.
Picnic at the Old Penitentiary grounds - 'The Bishops House'

Enjoy – I am enjoying getting out the knifty knitter looms again, now that it is cold it is much more pleasant to have knitted things all over your legs!


  1. Thanks for the reminder that comfort food has more calories - It's cold and wet here today so we been baking! Haven't go the door snakes out yet but have been taping up little draft areas on doors and windows.
    The bishops house is lovely, sounds like a you had a nice afternoon.

  2. Watch that comfort food, Kathy! It's so hot here and I can see it is cooling down there and you are preparing for winter. I look forward to seeing some photos of snow when it falls.

  3. I popped over via Slow Living Essentials. I am with you on the Fall sentiments. We are in Spring mode and I wait with bated breath for the marathon of picking and processing ahead.

  4. Soup and bread has to be one of the best and most satisfying meals in winter - so warm, nourishing and can be entirely homemade! I'm looking forward to hearing about the quilting Christmas ornament...

  5. Your post made me smile..especially the comfort food statement. And it absolutely counts that you made your man warm treats after he rakes!! I would love to see what is created on the knitting loom...

  6. Thank you for the note Kathy... so nice to meet another Kathryn, spelled the correct way. ;-) I hope your family also weathered the floods ok.

    I love the return to comfort food season too. :-)