Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spring and stuff!

We are going to officially start planting the summer crops tomorrow.  Hubby has some he's started in the house as do I and a few of them are ready to go out now we think.  It got up in the 80's today (around 30C) and that is pretty warm feeling after such a long winter, and of course I am ready to start complaining about the heat!  (It's what I do!) 

Some things are already coming along and these flowers are one of my favorites.  This color is known as a Colorado Columbine as it is the state flower, and I have many memories of going to the mountains and finding these lovelies all over in the woods.  They are in the 'purple' section of the planter out in the front.  All the flowers that are out there are purple and my goal is to have a lot of different purples in this area.  Purple people obsess like this I am told - so its normal!

  We have all these huge trees around the house and that means birds - lots of birds, as in sometimes a little 'Hitchcocky' number of birds.  They make a lot of noise, but for the most part they are not too bothersome noise-wise, I could wish they didn't all pooh on the car (how do they know?) but overall they are fun to watch and fun to listen to, especially when danger (in the form of a cat) comes walking through the yard.  They will follow the cat all over the yard chirping like mad to alert everyone that there is a cat in the yard!  The most amazing thing though to me is the absolute silence that falls on the back yard when the sound of a hawk is heard!  You could hear a pin drop! None of them even move - it is fascinating.  After the big winds we've had the last few days Hubby brought this onto the porch, he didn't find any egg or babies near it so hopefully it's an old one but look at the workmanship of the thing.  We think it is a Robins nest.  There are a lot of Robins in the yard every year.
Well I hope no little birdies were in it when it fell.  Oh and we are not making soup with it!!

These are the jars I got at the thrift shop we went to last Saturday, they were having a grand opening sale for a new location and they had a lot of great deals.  We got a stool for the breakfast bar area, these jars were 35 cents ea., we found a back-up heater for the bathroom, and I found some brand new photo albums that hold 4"x6" photos.  The one in front with the strange lid turns out to be something of a collectable so I put its lid on one of my antique jars and will put a modern canning lid on this one.  What fun!

And just one photo of our Miss Lily.  Isn't it sweet?  Miss Lily had to go back in the hospital for a couple of days due to severe jaundice.  We think she will be home tomorrow.  This is harder on her Mommy and Daddy than it is on Miss Lily.  And we as parents watch our children suffer a little and smile, sigh...been there done that!

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  1. What a lovely photo of your little Lily and her Mum. I think I told you my mum's name was Lily (Lillian) and the name has had something of a resurgence in the last few years. All the best with your gardening as it is certainly warming up for you, Kathy.