Monday, May 26, 2014


I have been to Hawaii and been amazed at the huge brightly colored flowers that grow in such profusion.  Having grown up in an area of Northern Wyoming that gets what we used to call 9 months of winter and 3 months of fall, flowers are a treat, and now that we live in the semi arid, 4 definite seasons, cold winter type climate again I find myself thrilled with the flowers we do get.  It is planting time and I am elbow deep in dirt and mulch so I'm sharing my flowers for now.  When they are small and delicate and you only see them for a little while you appreciate them!

The Golden Rain Tree is just starting to bloom, it will be covered in a few days
Chives -not usually grown for the flower but aren't they pretty?!

This is Thyme
The pretty pink  Honeysuckle -   Oh the fragrance!
A very exciting bloom on the tomato plant!
Not sure what these are, they may be a weed but they are so pretty I can't pull them out. 

Think I saw a few more blossoms out this evening, I will have to go out with the camera and capture them as well.  Hope you enjoyed!


  1. How true that when flowers bloom for a shorter time we appreciate them more. Your last little blue flower is a perriwinkle or Vinca major which you sometimes see growing wild here but are also plants which we buy for our gardens - they make good ground cover.

    1. Oh thank you, I had just resigned myself to watering a weed because it was so pretty!

  2. I thought that flower looked a bit like a Vinca, Kathy. The only reason I know the name Vinca is because my daughter had it growing in the Outback where she lives and I thought it must have been something that only grew there and then came home to find it growing in our front garden in our cool temperate region. We are spoiled for choice as regards flowers as they grow pretty well year round here. There is always something blooming in the garden.

    1. I love your flower pictures! I admit to some flower envy. :)