Sunday, May 11, 2014

Where does the time go?.....

So in the days following Miss Lilly's birth (Miss Lily just has a ring to it!!) I have been so busy, yes, yes, I have had so much to do I just don't know how I fit it all in!
2nd day - the swelling and redness goes away

Of course I had to spend Friday recovering from the actual birth and being up late the night before, yet tired as I was I was able to make several phone calls and talk about the baby and post several photos on Facebook, do up the agenda for the quilt club meeting, and send and receive several text messages with photos to download onto the computer and put into the file on my desktop labeled simply 'Miss Lily'.  Just exhausting!

Saturday was our quilt club meeting and I did find time to put together a little photo collage of Miss Lily on my phone in case someone at the meeting would ask to see her.  Of course being my friends they were all kind enough to ask to see the photos and were very interested in every detail I had.  Anita and Teresa and I had carpooled to the meeting and we decided to stop at every garage sale we found on the way home and we just had a great time finding a couple of new (old) teapots and looking at baby clothes and strollers and all sorts of things the kids may need for Miss Lily.  Saturday evening I fried 30 pieces of chicken for our Mothers day picnic at our friends (everyone was bringing picnic food even though we knew the weather was not going to cooperate and we were going to eat inside) and while the chicken was cooking I was able to take a break and send a few photos to my mom who is away from her computer and unable to see Miss Lily, I had to send the photos to my aunt who lives nearby and she copied them for the new great grandma to see.  I managed to get the chicken in the fridge and was off to bed after I made sure I copied all the new photos of Miss Lily off of everyone's Facebook pages and downloaded them onto my computer and tagged any friends or family who may not  have had a chance to see our Miss Lily.
With Auntie Lala

Today we attended church as is our habit and they had a children's choir and  baby dedication for Mothers Day, both of which brought a tear to my eye as I was thinking of how our Miss Lily would probably participate in this sort of thing in a few years wearing those velvet dresses and anklets with lace that I had always longed to buy, but that would have been inappropriate for the boys to wear.  (none of them would have agreed to do it anyway) 

We had a lovely picnic with our friends, much good food and good conversation.  I was pleased that I had emailed pictures of Miss Lily already so we could share with our friends who had not seen her some of our pictures.  We came home this evening and retired to our computers and I have been catching up on my email and Facebook posts, I can't believe there were people who had yet to see our Miss Lily!  So as soon as I finish this blog post I will make a last perusal of email, texts and Facebook to collect every last photo that shows up of Miss Lily and head off to bed. 

The new family Matt, Amber and Miss Lily!
It is a good thing, I believe that Hubby and I are not the type to monopolize a conversation or pull out a photo album of pictures.  We are not obsessive people and we will take this grandparent thing in stride and with aplomb.  Far be it from us to bore our friends with stories of our grandchild.  Her arrival has hardly impacted our lives at all!   ;)

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  1. Ha ha, Kathy! That is so funny. It is such an exhausting time for grandparents isn't it? :-)