Sunday, July 20, 2014

I Won! It's Here!

Let me say first off - I very rarely win anything, not never, just hardly ever.  I have won the occasional $2 lottery ticket, a bingo card, ring toss at the fair - that sort of thing. 

Soooo...I am totally excited that I won the give away at Nana Chel's blog "Going Grey and Slightly Green"!  Firstly because this is a blog I've followed since day one and she is a very supportive follower of those of us who are into the Simple Living Forums, she has lots of fun stuff on her blog and has given me lots of wonderful ideas. (I can't wait til Miss Lily is old enough for the Pom Pom Tutus)  So when she had her 'blog birthday' she had a giveaway, and I entered, I was so surprised when she posted my name (and I had to double check as Kathy is not exactly an uncommon name!)  I have been eagerly awaiting the mail each day and here it is!  It came in perfect condition and it is signed by the author!  Mail (not bills) is still so much fun isn't it!?  And it has a cool stamp from another country on it!  (I don't really think I'm too easily entertained do you?)
This definitely goes in the Grandma box for Miss Lily to be read to when she comes to visit, and I can show her where Australia is on the globe and we can discuss (like I did as a child) how the people there don't fall off the earth or whether they notice that they are standing on their heads!!  :)

So - Thank You so very much to Nana Chel,  this will become a treasured keepsake with a fun story to go along with the story!

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  1. Glad it arrived safely and in good condition. I am sure Miss Lily will enjoy reading about the lizards.