Sunday, July 27, 2014

What a week!

Sooo... it all started 10 days ago when my gum started hurting near a back tooth and I figured I had hit a corn chip the wrong way or poked my gum with something, but it kept getting worse, and worse and then I'm nearly crying in pain and I look like Marlon Brando in the Godfather, my jaw was so swollen!  Hubby got up early on Monday morning and got me into the dentist and they took an x-ray and said "abscess" and pulled the tooth!  You night think it was instant relief but noooo.  The tooth is gone but I had to wait for the antibiotics to work before the swelling and pain in the gum was gone!  Yuck, this was not fun!  Yesterday was my first completely pain free day and I am so grateful!!!

The two pints are my Armenian Cucumbers sliced
Of course things do not just stop and let you recover when you have this sort of goings on.  :)  Hubby really picked up the slack with dishes and meals (only soft food please!) and I used the little energy I had each day to work up the garden produce.  We are full bore into cucumber season now and I am ready, I think to do some pickles that I have not done before, this week I am going to try bread and butter pickles.  I have done a total of 8 quarts of dills, and Hubby has given me 6 pints of salsas (all different) to "finish off" for him, that translates to water bath for him, but he does clean up his messes so....:)

Thought I'd take you on a tour of the garden now that things are really popping, I want to start with the 'thing'. When the 'thing' first appeared it looked like a cucumber or squash and I just left it to grow in the wrong spot, but now it has these round green fruits and I was stumped.  So I typed into Google "it looked like a cuke and now has round fuzzy fruit"  - frustration will make you do strange things, but it worked, I got several hits and the "thing" turns out to be a cantaloupe!  I'm thinking the seeds may have been in the compost?  Oh well, I like cantaloupe!

The Sunflowers are just ready to bud and they are almost as tall as me!

Corn is making ears, look at all that pollen!

Black beans have purple flowers, I love this!

We will pull most of these onions this week and plant another crop, we're hoping for purples

Crookneck summer squash


and pumpkins!

The tomatoes are loaded
Just a couple of Hubby's many peppers - mostly hot!

The full view minus tomatoes and peppers in another area, the broccoli are giving us a second head and we have a second and third planting of corn coming up now, hoping for fresh corn into September!  Most of the herbs have now gone to seed so I'm going to cut them back and see if I have long enough to grow another crop, this one to preserve.  I wanted to try and fill in the herb part and see if it will be self perpetuating mostly.  Think this catches me up and ready for another week!


  1. Our rockmelons(cantaloupe) did amazingly well this year. Hubby just dried some seeds from one we had eaten and threw them in and they took off. I still have some in the freezer. Glad you got that abscess fixed up. Ouch!

    1. I never even thought of freezing them, just bag em up?

    2. Yes that is what my hubby did. Hopefully they will get used in smoothies soon.

  2. I remember just how horrible an abcess can be so my sympathies go out to you! Glad you are on the mend now. What a super dooper productive plot you have there.

    1. Thank you, I had never had one before and hope not to ever again! The garden is my summer exercise program! :) However I have noticed that working your butt off never results in a smaller butt!! Sigh...

  3. ooo teeth have been the bane of my life! Good on Mr Kathy for such good nursing ;)
    Seeing your crops has really got me excited about getting some tomatoes etc in once it warms up a little and making pickles etc.

  4. PS this is good and very easy recipe to use up those chillies...I add a cup of raisins/sultanas too and you could always halve the recipe if you need to

    1. That looks yummy, I will pass it on to hubby, I don't even touch the chilis! They are his baby! :)