Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring... and Odds and Ends

It is beginning to look like spring may be here after all.  There really was some doubt, although not as much as for those poor people in the eastern US!  We have had warmer temps during the day although still below or around freezing at night and things are starting to bud and bloom.  Todays client was ill and I ended up with a spare afternoon so I'm catching up on this 'n' that.

Several years ago, before my Mother in Law passed away, she asked me if I wanted her "Gardening made Easy" book and the few cards she had purchased.  She offered it to me because the binder was purple and she had never ordered many cards.  Two years ago while doing the yard sale thing I found an estate sale and two of the books almost complete for $2 apiece!  I was pretty chuffed and took them both, when I got to the lady taking the money she said since this is the last day of the sale we advertised everything for half off!  I got them both for $2!  Yippee!  The information is very good and they are handy to have around.  I used them now and then.

Since we have been in this house and trying so many different things in a new climate that we are unused to, they have been a real help.  I had 3 of the binders and put together all the cards so that I only had one of each and filled 2 binders.  

Then I took the extra dividers and made some new pages for myself, and pulled out all the cards for the stuff I was planting, the stuff I wanted to plant, and the helpful hint cards for the things I wanted to learn or revisit and put it in the 3rd binder.  In the front I have my grid sheets and list all the current planting, including the things that have been here all along and I learn the names for!

I keep the previous years pages so I can watch my crop rotations without relying on my not so reliable memory!  I also have gone on the internet and looked up information on things I don't have a card for and put it in the book so that everything in the yard has a card or page with information about watering, pruning, fertilizing and harvesting and then overwintering.

So a couple of days ago I decided to see how much the set was worth.  Seems if you bought the cards in packs in the monthly order like they sold them you ended up spending over $375 for the whole set!  Okay now I'm really feeling like the yard sale queen for a little bit!

 A quick trip around the yard confirms springs arrival.  I am very pleased that after we cut off so much of the cherry tree we have blossoms!  We knew we had leaves but were not sure we would have fruit.  Now we just have to hope we don't get a hard freeze! 

They look like the spring background I'm using don't they?

 Also recovering from the butchering that I did with the electric hedge trimmer (so much fun!) are the honeysuckle near the house.  I haven't looked at the ones in the back yet as it is still muddy from the recent rains.

Hubby always has a big pot of wildflower mix that he grows near the front door.  It looks like he has a few volunteers this year!

It is time and we are getting ready for the onslaught that is coming.  However we will also be making time for a trip to see the kids and not just for Miss Lily's birthday now.  Our 'wild child' middle son has found a wonderful Christian girl who thinks he is awesome and they are in love and getting married.  Here is the happy couple...

Aren't they cute?!!  I'm thinking I may want to start baby blankets, do you think it's too soon?.....

Enjoy the changing of the season - whether you are winding down to winter or gearing up for summer!!


  1. Ha ha, starting baby blankets already Kathy? Isn't that jumping the gun a little? LOL! It must be so nice for you to start seeing and feeling the weather warming up after such a long and cold winter. I hope your garden does well this spring and summer.

    1. You're right, I should probably wait til after the wedding at least! We already have a few seedlings coming up in our indoor starters!

  2. Never underestimate the wild middle child to end out being a top quality person :-) . Oh and you are so organised with your folders and dividers.....good on you.