Sunday, April 19, 2015

Uninspired and Getting Over it.....

So if confession is really good for the soul, I should feel better in a few minutes!  :)  I have just been uninspired for a few weeks, we have been busy and have gotten a lot done but putting it in writing has just not been on the agenda.  So it seems that I am getting over that and am ready to play a little catch up.  

Our church's women's Bible Study had it's last meeting in April before we break for the summer.  It seems that church people are always eating when we get together, and it doesn't seem to matter what denomination we are!!  So we had our Bible Study and a 'pot luck' brunch.  I chose my grandmothers 'Cherry Delight' because it always tastes wonderful and it looks pretty and it is so easy I ought not to tell anyone!

Make graham cracker crust in approximately 7x12 pan
Use crust recipe from graham cracker box or cookbook 
(I always use the recipe off the box and I made a little extra so we would have one for home!) 



1 pkg cream cheese
1 pkg dream whip (mix this up from the box.  I have used ready made cool whip - about 2 cups or so but I like the box better)

Beat separately, then blend together. spread over (cooled if you bake it) crust and chill for a couple of hours or overnight. 

Spread 1 can of cherry pie filling over it.
(yes I do have home canned cherries - they are not as pretty, I know - it's shallow, but they would have also required thickening and cooking and then there goes the easy-peasy thing!)

This is so yummy it should be harder to make!

This is a lovely cold dessert and easy for entertaining.  Hope you enjoy it!  I'll get around to the gardening preps in the next post!

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  1. Hope it is warming up nicely for you, Kathy. I won't even look at that dessert seeing as I am not eating sugar. LOL! Too much temptation.